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Where The Stars Stay: The BAUERs Hotel in Venice

The BAUERs’ group is comprised of four properties, each with its unique ambience and charm. Two are located close to San Marco: the first one is L’Hotel BAUER, a luxury 5 star hotel, characterized by Art Deco style with a touch of contemporary; the second is BAUER Il Palazzo, an exclusive XVII Venetian palace facing the Grand Canal. The other two properties are located on Giudecca Island, which include: BAUER Il Palladio Hotel & Spa, a restored 16th century convent built by the famous architect Andrea Palladio

Another Jewel To The BAUERs Crown ...

The newest property of the BAUERs is Villa F, a Renaissance villa that was restored and divided in to 11 independent apartments. Villa F has been for centuries home of noble Venetian families and, starting from the beginning of the 1900, a retreat for artists, actors and intellectual figures of the time.

Discover The BAUERs Villa F, the interview with Francesca (Vanity Fair Italy), the video 'The BAUERs walking around Venice with Ms. Bortolotto Possati' with many more Venetian insights,  and the website-competition "Destination Beyond The Destination" by The BAUERs Hotel (at the end of this post).

LoL, Andrea

'Meditation Pool' of The BAUERs Villa F

Francesca Bortolotto Possati is the owner of the hotel industry in the Laguna. Born in Palazzo Mocenigo, one of the most beautiful palaces on Grand Canal, and raised in New York City where she became interior designer, Francesca is now the president and CEO of The BAUERs, the signature hotel line that includes some of the most luxurious places in Venice: from the famous BAUER Hotel with its De Pisis Restaurant, to Il Palazzo with its Settimo Cielo terrace, to the Palladio Spa recovered from the historical convent of Zitelle, to the 15th century Villa F. These locations have attracted both celebrities and stars who are now also finding their way to Giudecca, starting with the "Brad Pitt Family".
"It's a way to look at Venice from a different perspective. Deciding to stay on Giudecca Island allows one to enjoy the city without being swallowed up by its magnificence, which for some can be overwhelming. This island has held on to the simplicity of tradition, but has also managed to open its doors to modern art, with the Zuecca Project Space."

Francesca Bortolotto Possati on her Settimo Cielo terrace 
of The BAUERs Il Palazzo, Grand Canal

For re-designing the Settimo Cielo terrace last year, The Hotel BAUERs of Venice has chosen the very finest in design for its furnishings. Just as in the 1950s when she chose to use Seguso’s antique glassware (a symbol of the Murano’s innovation), for that  Francesca has asked Kartell to furnish the magnificent terrace on the Grand Canal, which should be transformed in a fantastic combination of both historic architecture and contemporary design.

The mounting project is centered around tones of red, crystal, and dove-grey, in perfect harmony with both the architecture of the surrounding area and the image of the Hotel. Focal pieces include divans and armchairs from the Pop Outdoor collection by Piero Lissoni in an elegant fabric of dove-grey; coffee tables from Invisible Table collection by Tokujiin Yoshioka in transparent polycarbonate; ottomans and small tables from the La Bohéme collection by Philippe Starck in red and clear; and tables from the Top Top collection by Philippe Starck and seats from the Ami Ami collection by Tokujiin Yoshioka, both in the color red. The collaboration was made possible by Altagamma, a foundation that recognizes the excellence of the Made-in-Italy brand. Both The BAUERs group and Kartell are members of Altagamma, which bears witness to the important collaborations that companies and ambassadors in the world of Italian style can develop. 
As Francesca Bortolotto Possati explains: “What the Bauer and Kartell have in common is the search for innovation, quality, service, design, and prestige, to express Italian culture and Italian style to the world. This project is meant to underline these common values and also mark the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.”
Claudio Luti, President of Kartell s.p.a., also expressed his satisfaction about the collaboration: “It is a pleasure to see the products of Kartell contextualized by the prestigious frame of the terrace of the Hotel Bauer, facing the Grand Canal. The Kartell collections, thanks to their great stylistic versatility, lend themselves to be interpreted with freedom and also combined to a classic style. I believe that the meeting of these two worlds will be successful on an aesthetic level, and I hope that the guests of the Hotel Bauer relish in the comfort of our furnishings."

The BAUERS Il Palladio Garden & Spa
"This summer, enjoy the culinary charms at the BAUERs Venetian Garden Picnics, film screening, and all fresco dining."

Back to The BAUERs Villa F and the interview with Francesca Bortolotto Possati that came out in Vanity Fair Italy, August 2013:

What kind of relationship do you have with celebrities that come to your hotels?
"We have been spolling them for generations. From Arthur Rubinstein to Ernest Hemingway, from Prince Charles and Camilla, to Madonna, Al Pacino and Beyonce. We try to offer them a different way of experiencing Venice, by showing them how to enjoy both Palladio's two hectar gardens and the fabulous Spa, both of which are also a gift to the entire city."

'Meditation Pool' The BAUERs Villa F

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not easy clients to please.

"When the director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck called me, I was renovating Villa F. It was a huge project where we used the best of our craft to create a place in which everybody would be able to find something beautiful. He wanted the rooms of the presidential apartment to film the last scenes of The Tourist. They needed it for a month. Angelina and Brad were so in love with the view of San Marco from the balcony that they came back to the "set" wit the entire family. The relationship that the BAUERs has with cinema is a long lasting one. This year we will welcome Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland to celebrate forty years of A Venezia ... un dicembre rosso shocking (Don't Look Now), which was filmed at the BAUERs."

The BAUERs Villa F

Is The BAUERs only a place for billionaires?

"No. The Villa F is divided into different apartments, all independent, that we rent for a minimum of four nights. Robin and his wife care about the customers and their needs. Sometimes we even have couples of friends with children staying at the hotel."

Garden and pool of The BAUERs Villa F

They say that Venetians don't really like tourists. What do you think?

"I don't like to think of Venice as the mere romantic place many postcards portray. I find it limiting to picture Venice only with San Marco and a gondola. I don't like when people tell me: "I'll come to Venice on a special occasion." Why, instead, do people visit Manhatten ten time? We have much more to offer."


In addition to the beautiful springtime weather, enjoy some of my suggestions, for example Spring At Palazzo Fortuny with their current exhibitions:
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         (From March 8th to July 14th 2014)

With Love, Andrea

"Destination Beyond The Destination" 
Website Competition by The BAUERs Hotel

As an independent brand of excellent hospitality in Venice and
in Italy, THE BAUERs has created this competition for the realization and
development of a new multilingual website that would replace the former.
THE BAUERs is looking to extend its characteristics of charm and
innovation to its website, placing itself in the global market
as a “destination beyond the destination,”
and changing the old ways of conveying hospitality.

To enter the competition, 
please register online at 
and enter your creative works until June 20th, 2014!

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories  
Photo Credit/Source: The BAUERs Hotel

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