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14th April 2012 - The Dior Moment in Shanghai

Bonjour, la Chine! 

For the first time ever, an Haute Couture collection will be presented in Shanghai - DIOR - on Saturday 14th April 2012.

On the occasion of the Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture presentation in Shanghai, Dior looks back on the long love story that ties it to China. The number 8 was one of Christian Dior’s lucky numbers. In fact, he called his first collection En8, “in eight” in English, an allusion to the curves of the female silhouette as well as to his ultra-feminine reinvention of forms. Perhaps he had no idea, because his adventures had never taken him so far as the Orient, but the number 8 is considered very auspicious in China as well. It is the symbol of prosperity, and also infinity.  Enjoy wonderful drawings of Dior Haute Couture collection and backstage emotions of the presentation in Paris at the end of this post! LoL, Andrea

In preparation of the Haute Couture fashion show to be presented tomorrow in Shanghai, here with exclusive photos and interview by Gérard Uféras, captured in the ateliers of the house of Dior, Avenue Montaigne.

What story do your photographs recount?

"The idea behind them was to follow the complete making of a collection, from the initial ideas to the final show. This common thread allowed us to recount the entire history of the house and transcribe the impression we all have that the spirit of Christian Dior still animates it, that his spirit is present throughout the collection. The lines he drew are still here, and they are a natural fit with my style of photography."

What did you see during your time at 30, avenue Montaigne?

"First of all, I discovered that there is a true dialogue between the studio on the second floor and the ateliers on the fifth. Toiles, prototypes in white cotton canvas, pass between them like love letters. They are interpreted and in the end they tell a story! For me the palette was vast; I wanted to show the human element of the house. The moment when the première d’atelier  (head of ateliers) places the sketches on the table and everyone chooses the one they find most inspiring. It has to be love at first sight – there is a true love relationship between a drawing and the couturière  who brings it to life. And there also disappointment for those who see their dress cancelled because the color is off."

Many of your photographs are in black and white. Why did you choose this format?

"When I started taking pictures, the ateliers were working on toiles : everything was white and I just couldn’t imagine working with an inexistent color. Black and white photography is a slight abstraction; like the toile, it is a bit removed from reality. So one focuses on structure. Color came into the story gradually, just as fabric replaces the toiles. Red made an appearance at the end of the collection, and it also appears toward the end of the exhibition."

What is the relationship between couture and photography?

"Photography and fashion are cousins. Both are an applied art: even if the world around it is creative, the ultimate purpose of a dress is to clothe a woman. And that of a photo is to reveal a world. Good photography is a vehicle for emotion. Like a dress, it must be well-constructed. It must have a sense of proportion, a graphic concept and a sense of elegance." 

Some fabulous drawings out of the Dior couture collection.

Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012 presentation in Paris - Backstage - enjoy my post 'Haute Couture | X-ray Vision by Dior' Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012 collection, fashion show and review.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Source/Credits by Dior
Photo Credit by Gérard Uféras


Shagun said...

Wow..a marvelous editorial.I enjoyed the interview with Gerard Uferas, esp his views on Photography & fashion.Gorgeous pictures. I'm sure Dior show in Shanghai is going to be a huge success!!!...Cheers, Shagun

Anonymous said...

Carlos Flick comment:
Love Dior, Love the esence of design, the see across the material of dresses and the overall look. Id fascinated with the mix of fabrics, superposition on both, the lines, colours, new old forms or figures, give a new aspect to past stars´s designs with modifications. So finest, nice, simetric, no short and no large, only the Just. The touch of ellegance and glam. Andrea Danke to share it. Kisses from Bs As Argentine ;)

ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories said...

Dear Carlos, Thank you for your wonderful appreciation to my post!!!
Stay-tuned for more wonderful fashion posts, latest from today 'Ephemeral Boutique | Chanel's Summer inm Saint-Tropez' - LoL, Andrea

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