Thursday 12 April 2012

CR by Carine Roitfeld

It has now been over a year since Carine Roitfeld left her position as editor for Vogue Paris, and now we're finally seeing her next big project shaping up. Carine is launching her own bi-annual magazine, which is expected to land in September this year. Although the name of the new publication has been kept hush-hush up until now, Roitfeld has finally revealed her chosen title, which isn't as surprising at all - she's named it simply 'CR'. She explains: “The name’s not a big surprise, but oh well.”

She showed WWD a mock-up of the new magazine which she says is “celebration of fashion and creativity” and which will mix already known names with rising talents. Carine is currently searching for new people to work with, which she is finding exciting: “I’m in the middle of searching for new talents, and it’s so exciting and energizing.” Fashion Media Group, who will publish the magazine commented: “Carine Roitfeld is one of the most talented editors in our industry. She deserves an editorial platform with which to express herself, and I’m happy to provide one, I hope it will enlighten. I hope it will build bridges not walls. The fashion magazine industry has gotten too political.”  The Mock-Up issue sees Kati Nescher grace the cover which also features the 'CR' intials scribbled across the front in large letters.

Carine Roitfeld insists her new magazine, named 'CR', won't be in competition with Vogue Paris because she believes she is creating something different. The former Vogue editor comments that she learned a lot while working for the magazine but is now creating something new:
''Vogue is a very beautiful magazine, an institution, and I learned so much working there. You can't put yourself into competition with a magazine like Vogue; you have to create something new, something different."
Carine says the new magazine is "like a new baby" while she initially thought of launching an online publication, before realizing it wasn't "her". She reveals that the printed publication will launch this September in the English language, and will be priced at around €6.00: 
 ''Initially I wanted it on the internet, but it's a lot of investment, a lot of time, I do not know if it suits me. 'I know that now you have to work with the internet and the photos are of very good quality on the iPad, but things quickly go out of style on the internet. We'll start with print: a September issue next fall in English.''

Carine Roitfeld photographed by © Stephane Feugere for WWD

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Source/Photo Credits: © & © WWD 


'Exhibition | The Little Black Jacket by CHANEL'

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Best wishes to Carine Roitfeld. She is an accomplished, creative person & am sure her magazine will be exemplary work of fashion.I will love to read it.Thanks for sharing, dear Andrea!!!...Cheers, Shagun

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