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70's-Style by EMILIO PUCCI Spring/Summer 2015

EMILIO PUCCI's creative director Peter Dundas was but a two-year-old Norwegian baby when the seventies began. That hasn’t prevented him from having a lifelong affinity with the psychedelic hippie daze which lasted until roughly 1972, at least in terms of style: In his habitual white jeans, tight T-shirt, halo of curly hair, and aviators, he even looks like a lost member of Led Zeppelin, teleported into 2014. Backstage, he was laughing about that.
“I was always a little frustrated I wasn’t around then. I should have been. But then again,” he shrugged, “I probably wouldn’t be here now ...”

Instagram via @andreajankeofficial

The old joke about “if you remember the seventies, you couldn’t have been there” has certainly been making the rounds in Milan this week. But now that the city’s carousel of fashion nostalgia has stopped, yet again, in the early part of that decade, it’s given Dundas (who definitely wasn’t there) the best excuse he’s ever had to take Emilio Pucci on that favorite trip of his. Practically everything on Dundas’s runway might have been worn by Grace Slick, back in the day: flares, fringes, ponchos, crochet dresses, tie-dye, hot pants, vests, peasant blouses, maxi-dresses, down to the suede knee boots and shoulder bags.

Or rather, it couldn’t have been. A truly accurate throwback to high hippiedom would have reeked of patchouli (at the very least) and looked way rougher than this. Nobody in the seventies made crochet minidresses out of silken thread and sparkling pastel-shaded beads embedded with jewels. No one ever tailored hipster flares from the finest suede a luxury house can corral today. As for tie-dye that was made in the bath at home, not printed by Italian experts in the mills of Como. This is no criticism. A true replica of the seventies would be just awful. As it is, Dundas gets a pass for sincerity in this subject, and points for his ultra-refined execution. Plus, there will be events and parties next summer where wealthy twenty-first-century girls will be very happy to waft around in these things.

PUCCI's creative director Peter Dundas 


Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photo Credit / Source: VOGUE
Candids: Photo by Taylor Jewell
Runway: Photos by Monica Feudi /
Instagram: Photo by @andreajankeofficial

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Peter Dundas has certainly made over Pucci in his own image since he became creative director. Now the house product is all about girls, body-display, going out, dancing, and causing a stir.


Cara Delevingne opened the show in a sculpted short blue satin dress in a stylized orchid print and high sandals, whose myriad straps were attached to the same crocodile-tail motif used on Fendi’s By The Way purse and had that gladiator vibe which is becoming omnipresent.

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