Wednesday 11 June 2014

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter '14/15

For Fall/Winter 2014/2015, Bottega Veneta presents a collection of subtle strength and confidence. The overall silhouette is streamlined and linear, yet the clothes are unrestrictive, allowing for freedom of movement. Though at times the clothes have a suggestion of nudity, there is in fact little skin bared; the effect is achieved through careful choice of material and close tailoring.

The houses creative director, Tomas Maier, explained that he was inspired by as ordinary a chore as laundry. Think turning a white shirt pink by inadvertently throwing it in with something red or accidentally spilling bleach on a favorite blue oxford. 

Maier mimicked these common mishaps by printing light silk and cashmere knits from the inside out and then rinsing out the color just enough to leave the light blues and lavenders barely detectable. Crisp button-downs were splashed with white streaks or had faded florals on the shoulder, created by a nontoxic method of lifting (not bleaching) the color out of the fabric. Strips of black mesh were then attached to a blue button-down or crisp lilac skirt for texture and edge. When Maier corroded, as he called his technique, cotton sundresses and then applied yellows or pale peach over the parts that lightened, the result looked like a deep, desert sunset.

Lest this all come off as washed-out, Maier added major sparkle with pastel, lamé box-pleat skirts in Liberty prints, and glittery skimmer flats and high-heeled Mary Janes. It was upbeat and airy and a wonderful start to the season. Maier is welcome to do the laundry anytime.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: VOGUE
Photography by Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages

More To Love ...

There were less flashy alternatives, including an oxblood crepe dress with elbow length sleeves. It was subdued in color and foundation which is not a bad thing but then adorned with undulating pieces of monochromatic foiled wool, in shapes that mimicked chrysanthemums, and then there was a panel of fabric cloaking one shoulder, almost like a petal.

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fashion-meets-art said...

wirklich eine tolle kollektion!
alles liebe!
Maren Anita


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