Wednesday 13 November 2013

'Winter Garden' by DIOR Haute Joaillerie

Until November 16th, 2013, the stunning fine jewelry collections by Victoire de Castellane can be seen at Place Vendôme in a paper setting conceived by the Wanda artists.

Ivy twists around the stairwell of the Dior Joaillerie boutique on Paris' Place Vendôme. It wraps around the handrail, climbs the balustrades. Or falls in a cascade from the ceiling light like a living chandelier in a romantic grotto. Butterflies take refuge there. A little further on bees hide among the leaves, looking out on rhododendrons, wisteria, lily-of-the-valley, roses and daisies. This world, entirely in paper, can be found in the Dior boutique until November 16th, in tandem with the arrival of the haute joaillerie collection designed by Victoire de Castellane.

Here, the Wanda artist collective, already having been given carte blanche to reinterpret the Lady Dior  bag as part of the Lady Dior As Seen By  traveling exhibition, created Monsieur Dior's winter garden in which bloom the small, delicate flowers he liked to row on his Milly-la-Forêt property. Seen against these paper monochromes, the colorful jewels and precious stones twinkle with a million fiery flickers.

Paper setting until November 16th, 2013
8, Place Vendôme
75001 Paris

During my visit in Paris last month for the Fashion Week, I had an amazing interview with Maison PIAGET Place Vendôme boutique which will be posted soon. Today, surfing through my archives, I found these pictures which I took the same day, when I felt immediately in love with these wonderful DIOR Haute Joaillerie windows, presenting their jewelry collection in such beautiful decorated Gobelin-weaved tapestries of 19th-Century inspired animal gardens! LoL, Andrea 

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

'Winter Garden': Courtesy of The House of DIOR

All other pictures: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE

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'Versailles, on Christmas Eve. A jewel of aesthetic perfection, and showcase steeped in history, this most luxurious of castles defies time and trends. Its refined panelling and French-style gardens that so fascinated Christian Dior have now inspired a dazzling make-up collection by Tyen, Creator of Coulors for DIOR.'

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