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DIOR 'Golden Winter' 2013 MakeUp Collection

Beneath The Lights Of Versailles ...

Versailles, on Christmas Eve. A jewel of aesthetic perfection, and showcase steeped in history, this most luxurious of castles defies time and trends. Its refined panelling and French-style gardens that so fascinated Christian Dior have now inspired a dazzling make-up collection by Tyen, Creator of Coulors for DIOR. Opulent gold, mother-of-pearl and pink unfurl across the eyes, face and lips. A manicure becomes jewellery. The radiant light of dusk glows. Or is it already dawn? On the skin, a glimmer of rosy gold tells of an enchanted night.

Versailles, the night before Christmas. The magnificent château, sublimated by winter light, inspires by Dior Holiday Collection. Majestic shades of warm gold, frozen pearl and pink work their magic on the skin, for a glorious yet refined feminity.

Discover the video DIOR 'Golden Winter' Christmas MakeUp Look 2013 - Application Secret - at the end of this post. Versailles works its magic ... Complexion is illuminated with Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder's golden shimmer. Eyes are captivating, dressed in the 3 golds of the 5 Couleurs. Lips are blazing, enhanced with the metallic effects of Diorific Lipstick, and nails take on a couture style with glints of iridescence.

Round, voluptuous curves that exude sensuality; the pure, brilliant colour of gold; a precious compact whose perfect lines contain a makeup gem within ... The Diorific compact houses a powder scented with J’adore and decorated with Massaï necklace pearls, which adorn the neck of the perfume bottle. It is a promise of luminous, delicately shimmery and scented beauty.

Gold is everywhere at Dior. Bringing the promise of splendour and dreams, we see delicate touches of it on the neck of a perfume bottle, in the embroidery of an evening gown, and in the eyeshadows of a makeup palette ... Christian Dior himself loved the light of this precious metal that brings to mind the grandeur of Versailles. This winter, gold is continuing its enchanted dance with Dior creations and is the inspiration behind the Golden Winter makeup collection, which showcases a luminous complexion, metallic lips, couture nails and gold eyes ...Versailles and its glittering gilded décor, paired with gold and its alluring luster, are celebrating a dream-like winter on a beautiful note.

Couture Nail Lacquer - Beneath the glittering gilded décor of Versailles, nails take center stage. They sparkle and shine in the light of an enchanted winter. Nail art expert Dior continues to innovate this season and has designed Diorific Duo Manucure Bijou, a gold nail lacquer accompanied by crystalline micro-pearls that are gently dusted onto the gold nail polish to create a precious 3D manicure. Diorific Vernis is available in three new shades, Minuit (plum), Marilyn (red) and Frimas (pink taupe), which enhance the nails with deep, sparkling, ultra-couture shades.

Showcasing curves and delicacy, the tube is a precious gem in itself. It could not better express the intensity of the lipstick within: Diorific is available in a limited edition for the Golden Winter collection and has been enriched with shimmery effects. Dressed in deep shades with a metallic sheen, such as Diva (ruby red), Winter (plum) and Minuit (fuchsia), lips appear luscious and velvety-smooth.

With 5-Color Palettes Golden Flower and Golden Snow featuring eyeshadows in starry colors, gold-toned eyeliner, etc., the Golden Winter collection promises dream-like, luminous and sparkling beauty, like that seen beneath the gilded décor of Versailles. Robed in gold and light, the eyelids are illuminated and opened to reveal precious eyes, which are strengthened by Rosy Gold de Diorshow Liner Waterproof. Gourmand, ultra-feminine shades of Dior Addict Gloss leave lips irresistibly luscious and feature names inspired by fairy tales: Enchanted Rose, Pink Fantasy… Enchanted beauty is the focus of the winter collection, a sunny, sophisticated world in itself, in which Diorshow Fusion Mono takes on the allure of Comète, and the 3-Color palette Rosewood Glow sparkles with the mysterious glow of icy pink.

The secrets of the Dior Golden Flower Look: Versailles opulent gold infuses make-up with ultimate luxury and subtle sophistication: eyes display the golden glow of Diorshow Fusion Mono, while Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo adorns nails in the most precious fashion.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credits/Source: The House of DIOR
 Stills by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

DIOR 'Golden Winter' 2013 MakeUp Collection

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"It doesn't matter what you wear. It is how you wear." - Albrecht Ollendiek's philosophy describes very feminine and sensual silhouettes inspired by the 'Fin-de-Siècle', re-styled at the same time in an contemporary and modern way.

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