Sunday 19 August 2012

Colors by Dior | Le Rose

Dior reveals the couturier's third favorite color: le rose

"Color brings renewal. A touch of color is enough to change your whole appearance,”  Monsieur Dior said. The story begins here, in Granville. Christian Dior was still a newborn when his family bought the villa Les Rhumbs, in 1905. With a sugared almond pink exterior, the family home exuded a gentle sweetness that prove such an inspiration for the little boy who, when he grew up, would quickly become the greatest couturier of his time.  

“My childhood home was cloaked in a very soft pink, mixed with gray stone, and these two colors stayed with me in couture as my favorite shades,” remembered Christian Dior. 

The couturier would thus remain attached to pink, which he considered “the softest of colors”. In his Little Dictionary of Fashion he writes of:  

“The sweetest of all the colors. Every woman should have something pink in her wardrobe. It is the color of happiness and of femininity. I like it for blouses and scarves; I like it for a young girl's frock; it can be charming for suits and coats; and it is wonderful for evening dresses.”  

Already, in 1947, for his very first show, Christian Dior was designing dresses in “blush pink” and “icy pink”. That year, the Dior boutique opened its doors; decorated by Christian Bérard, its walls were covered in toile de Jouy tinted white and pink, naturally. The couturier never stopped using pink for dresses, be it boreal, sunset, flamingo or pale mist. Thanks to the couturier’s imagination, pink appeared in an infinite number of nuances. In 1949, Christian Dior launched a pink called “Bonheur” (the French for happiness), which remains one of the house’s key colors. Pink has been endlessly reinterpreted by the house’s different creative directors, up to the current day and Raf Simons who, for his first haute couture collection this past July, showed pale and shocking versions. Pink has multiple facets, and whether subtle or electric, it’s the color of a young woman who’s playful and a dreamer, insouciant and charming – the color of an eternal Miss Dior.

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of © Dior 


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