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Colors by Dior | Gray

Christian Dior's most emblematic color: gray

The couture of Christian Dior pulses with a gorgeous kaleidoscope. “This joyous world of wool and silk reveals the shots of color that, tomorrow, will enliven the streets”, he used to say. On the drapery, the armchairs and the floors, in the salons of the mansion at 30 Avenue Montaigne, gray is everywhere. In 1946, when Christian Dior handed the task of decorating his boutique to Victor Grandpierre, both men were of the same mind when it came to imagining a décor that was chic, sober and pure – the perfect foil for the house’s future fashion shows. And gray was the ideal color for this neo-Louis XVI style, as it would set off Monsieur Dior’s strikingly colored couture to dramatic effect. Gray, for the couturier, was “the most practical and most elegant of neutral colors.” It was "vaporous", "strong" and "moth-like", for fall-winter 1947. It exhibited the “tones of a pearlized sky” in the spring-summer 1948 collection; it’s “uranium” for fall-winter 1948. At Dior, gray boasts all the nuances of a poem.  

“It’s the perfect color for day dresses, suits and coats. It’s also the ideal color for those dividing their time between town and country, as, with different accessories, a gray suit or coat will prove perfectly adapted. Everything goes with gray, which is why it’s a color recommended for accessories,”  wrote Christian Dior in his Little Dictionary of Fashion. 

And today, gray’s classic elegance and inimitable chic are to be found on the house’s bags, shoes and make-up palettes. Conceived by the brush of Tyen, the creative director of Dior Make-Up, gray comes with names like “chrome”, “chic jean” and “argentic”, making its way to that final frontier – one’s own skin.

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of © Dior

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