Friday 15 April 2011

Balenciaga For Aficionados

Meeting with Balenciaga accessories!

I was such fascinated by the Balenciaga accessories for Winter 2012 that I took a selection of my preferences - amazing clutch-bags matched with wondeful sandals. The whole Balenciaga Winter 2012 collection you'll find on my Facebook-page.

Ghesquiere said he'd come to this collection by thinking about "scale and perspective, dimensions and distance". If that sounds like the words of an artist studying materials in a formal, sculptural manner, in a way, it was, but listen to the source: It was the Balenciaga archive. "I was looking at the incredible structures of the fabric and embroidery he did." What Gesquiere rediscovered were extraordinary elements like celluloid pallettes and fishnet fabric - as well as a 1960 fuchsia tunic - more Balenciaga-styles on my Facebook-page

Balenciaga Winter 2012
Paris Fashion Week

Source: Vogue
Photography by Marcio Madeira/firstView

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