Saturday, 5 February 2011

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Kopenhagen Fur opened Copenhagen Fashion Week

During Wednesday's February 2nd opening show of Kopenhagen Fur it ws obvious that fur become an important part of Copenhagen Fashion Week and fashion in general.

The fashion week set off with great success on February 2nd, when Kopenhagen Fur  - as one the main sponsors for the Copenhagen Fashion Week - had the pleasure of welcoming the audience at the Copenhagen City Hall.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Source: Kopenhagen Fur

To demonstrate that Danish fur is leading in international fur fashion, Kopenhagen Fur had invited nine designers from six different countries, who individually showed the potential of fur.

Designer Lars Wallin from Sweden has enjoyed working with Danish fur for his new collection, which is produced by the furriers at Kopenhagen Studio. 

Kopenhagen Fur

Weel-known personalities at the show

Among the large amount of guests, there were several well-known personalities. Kopenhagen Fur's international engagement has aroused the interest of Danish politicians, among them party leader of Radikale Venestre, Margrethe Vestager and Eva Kjer Hansen, MP for Venestre participated in the show.

Margrethe Vestager was very enthusiastic by the show: "It was very inspiring. I was especially impressed by, how the designers managed to use fur in their men's collections. Fur has a lot of potential, she said.

Furthermor, Margrethe Vestager said that Kopenhagen Fur is a pioneer for the Danish export market because of the company's long-term effort in China, where it has branded Denmarl postively.

Several Danish celebrities were attending the show as guest as well, among them international fashion expert Uffe Buchard and actor Iben Hjejle, who was been Kopenhagen Fur's public fashion image lately. She was very impressed by the show as well - "It was amazing! It is almost art. It was very inspiring and I can tell that fur is no longer reserved for American pimps".

Source and Photo Credit by  Kopenhagen Fur

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