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My Dior by Victoire de Castellane

My Dior, the new collection by Victoire de Castellane for Dior Jewelry, reinterprets one of the most emblematic house codes: the cannage

Dior's history of cannage marks the turn of Victoire de Castellane, at Dior Jewelry, to write a new chapter in the motif's stunning saga. Here, the woven cane becomes a precious object, transformed into gold as if by some magical poetic alchemy. The collection is called My Dior, to signify a Dior all ones own, the intimate relationship one shares with a personal jewel. The very name, My Dior, is an anglicism that draws parallels with the house's first perfume, Miss Dior.

On rings, bracelets and cuffs, the twisted wires and fine cords inject an extra dimension to simple shapes. Chasing effects add another element of finesse to the jewelry. This kind of work is usually only seen in fine jewelry. The lost wax casting technique guarantees an exceptional level of quality, as this age-old craftsmanship also imbues the pieces with a soul that only handwork can bring. As always, at Dior Jewelry, the savoir-faire belongs to some of the greatest ateliers in Paris. My Dior - a golden weave of delicate and refined work, for a collection leading a love affair with the limelight.

Victoire de Castellane, Dior’s Fine Jewellery designer, travelled to Beijing to present her work. For the occasion, the salons of Avenue Montaigne were reproduced in miniature and staged the most emblematic fine jewellery creations - A Miniature Décor For An Outsized Jewelry 

Interview with Victoire de Castellane during her trip to Beijing

What story does the staging of this exhibition tell?

"The Palace is a gorgeous place; it’s so historic and poetic. I did not want a place that was too formal. Reproducing the salons in miniature, as we do in our boutiques, immediately strikes a chord with clients because most of them are already familiar with the way we present things. When they see the façade and the little rooms, the ballroom, the fashion show and the My Dior salon, it’s like reliving a part of childhood. Women find it very touching."

How do they see your approach to volume and proportion in China?

"I was rather surprised to see clients with rather large jewelry here, too. Even though that’s not my only focus, and we also do smaller pieces. The women I’ve met wear both and mix them together freely. That was probably hard to imagine a decade ago, but things change quickly. Today it’s part of the landscape, like fashion. Women here have strong personalities, they dare. They wear designer brands, of course, but they wear them in their own style – they make it personal." 

And your way with color?

"The Chinese love color – they repaint monuments, and they use a lot of red. Here, women are naturally receptive to colored stones: you could say we speak the same language! They seem to appreciate my gradations of color on lacquered gold."

What do you find inspiring about China?

"What inspires me the most, in China, is nature. I really love the way they envision things symbolically. In a materialistic world, it’s very poetic to have discussions with people who are attached to certain stories and symbols. It corresponds well with the image of Dior fine jewelry."

What was most memorable about this first trip to Beijing?

"I’m going to have a lot of work when I get home, because we received a number of special orders! It’s such a pleasure to be among people who are enthusiastic, who appreciate gemstones and very feminine women, and who are moved by Dior Joaillerie." 

My Dior by Victoire de Castellane

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of Dior

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