Wednesday, 16 November 2016

LA PERLA - 20% Off for Black Friday

LA PERLA - Black Friday, this year the concept of the LA PERLA offer is based on BLACK on Black Friday and black as an Iconic colour that never goes out of fashion.

Enjoy 20% discount on selected black products and about 200 styles.

LoL, Andrea!

In July 2015, La Perla Atelier presented their 1st Haute Couture collection which revealed a tantalizing glimpse of their breathtaking Inside-Out Spring/Summer 2015 collection in the opulent and intimate salon setting of Paris's Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild. Exploring the notion of ‘what we keep secret and what we reveal’, it represented ‘the underpinnings of the external image’.

Behind the scenes of the LA PERLA Atelier couture show,
Emiliano Rinaldi adding the finishing touches

Attended by style luminaries, and including a rare catwalk appearance by catwalk goddess Naomi Campbell, the rapturous reception confirmed La Perla’s Spring/Summer 2015 success. A clever mix of sublimely elegant, smoking-hot-sexy and box-fresh-sporty, it was designed to suit the athletic woman who likes to dress and undress to impress.

La Perla’s uniqueness lies in the breathtaking dexterity displayed in artisanal skills such as nervures (tiny folds of fabric painstakingly created by hand) and embroidery using the meticulous frastaglio technique (traditional Florentine flat-stitch done entirely by hand). When combined with the genius idea of twinning classically structured retro long-line bras, high-waisted knickers, bustiers, girdles and bodysuits with second-skin zippered baseball jerseys and Neoprene shorts, cutout hoodies and flowing sheer skirts, the result was breathtaking and formidable.

Models wafted past shod in embellished ankle boots and silk platform heels, showing a succession of exquisitely layered, billowing shapes worn with close-fitting garments in silk blended with linen and cotton, satin, lace and tulle. Generous applications of crystal embellishment seemed to light up the models as they walked beneath the chandeliers.

Dramatic black was the key shade, accentuated by dashes of sky blue, red, coral, white, hazel and nude. Feathers and crystal motifs were enhanced by metallic elements and pure gold thread, as well as intricately embroidered floral motifs. Bra and suspender straps were encrusted with diamonds or rubies, transforming them into items of precious jewelry. Visible seams and boning lines, highlighted by canny crystal application, seemed to strip away outer layers to reveal the garments’ essential architecture, while metal belt fasteners and suspender straps were also on show to emphasise the ‘inside out’ theme.

Unimaginably sophisticated, authentically haute couture, dreamy yet wearable, we witnessed seminal components in the La Perla Spring/Summer 2015 collection that have set a new standard in couture lingerie.

Photo Credit/Source: The House of La Perla


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