Tuesday 14 December 2010

CHANEL 'Paris-Byzance' Métiers d'Art 2010/11 Show

! Love it  - CHANEL 'Paris-Byzance'

Collection Métiers d'Art 2011/12 défilé dans les salons haute couture de la Rue Cambon, Paris.

"After the Grand Palais, I had to do the opposite," Karl Lagerfeld said. Instead, Lagerfeld had transformed the second-floor couture salon at the brand's iconic Rue Cambon store into a sort of Ottmanesque chill-out room, with low stained glass tables and two rows of patterned square pillows. 

The look at the salons walls, entirely embroidered or the occasion in tiny bronze sequins. The season's theme, Paris-Byzance was inspired by the Empress Theodora and the lost culture of Byzantium. ... Mostly, however, the reference came via Coco's Byzantine-inspired Gripoix jewelry, which is instantly recognizable today.

Iconic figures presenting bohemia at its hautest in the amazing multicolored knits made decadent with gold thread, embroidered fringe, and chunky gold chains knitted right in ... beautiful suiting meticulously decked out in more gold chains, braiding, leweled buttons, feathers, and fringe. And for evening: either heavy jewel-tone satin with even heavier swaths of mosaic embroidery, little black dresses crafted from little silk and feather flowers using a level of craftmanship that's almost gone the way of Byzantium.
Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

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Shagun said...

An ornamental, rich couture by Chanel. Very royal in look. I love the jewelry,too. Amazing editorial, dear Andrea!!!...Regards, Shagun

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