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DIOR Milky Dots Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

This summer, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, reinterprets the Iconic Dots with a graphic and resolutely pop makeup collection. Sand tones and milky shades mix with the vibrancy of an ultra-pigmented palette for a playful beauty look.

Like an eruption of bubbles, the iconic polka dot pattern brings its effervescence to the Dior Summer 2016. Dior Addict Milky Tint colors your lips as if they have just been dipped in a milkshake.

Summer statement: the turquoise smoky eye paired with Dior Addict Milky Tint. Get milky lips.

Get a sunkissed complexion with Diorskin Nude Air Compact Powder Summer Edition.

Mix your summer look with a splash of vibrant blue, touch of sunny brown and some milky dots.

Summer look 2016. When milky meets pop, mix and match 5 Couleurs Escapade 536 with Dior Vernis Duo Confettis 002 or Plumetis 003.

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of DIOR

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This spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, reinterprets the art of a gorgeous glow with a luminous makeup collection that teams new Backstage Pros essentials with eyeshadows and lipsticks in colours inspired by the flower gardens of Granville.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter 2016/17

The couture vision of Ermanno Scervino bursts into the everyday life for the F/W 2016/17 collection, expressing an aesthetic that looks at the world of the Arts. Masculine and feminine dialogues interact, without confusion. Hand craftsmanship is the unique protagonist of the collection.

In a (fashion) world where the only certainty seems to be that nothing is certain, sometimes having a few solid reference points is what it takes to make the wheels turn hopefully in the right direction. Ermanno Scervino firmly believes in Beauty with a capital B as his guiding star. “Beauty is eternal. What else can I say? When it’s there, it doesn’t fade,” said the designer before the show. “It just has to be modern, modern, modern!” And what could be more of-the-moment than Pyper America and Lucky Blue Smith, the famous siblings who are sending throngs of millennial Instagrammers into a frenzy? They were towering backstage, both resplendent in custom-made Scervino: She with pink hair nicely complementing a long, finely pleated ivory lace dress; he with his sleeked-back signature platinum coiffure matchy-matching a diamanté jacket from the men’s collection. Smith seemed powered by a fashion wattage so strong he could have lit the whole block.


If Scervino were a New York designer, his clothes could have been perfect for uptown, sophisticated ladies with a relentless social calendarthey would have certainly coveted more than a few looks from the show. Case in point: a pair of leopard-print coats in silk jacquard that seemed made for a Park Avenue doyenne. But here is where Scervino’s quintessentially Italian flair kicked in: He added to their sauvage and already dense patterns a voluminous multicolor fox and mink collar that screamed of voluptuous glamour. The same could be said of his very Italian sense of embellishment and decoration, which was in full display on tweed short coats embroidered with colorful paillettes appliqués.

History and art were referenced 'comme il faut' in evening dresses made of fastidiously assembled bronze lace tassels; they were reminiscent of the dark golden tones of gleaming Byzantine mosaics or of a Klimtian palette. The luxe factor was obviously paramount it came through both in the choice of fabrics and in the exquisite execution. Sensuality also peeked in, with see-through long dresses in coated lace, molded into sculptural yet light shapes. A touch of Victorian, they conveyed a sense of elegant seduction. “Yes, Seduction!” enthused Scervino. "Femininity is everything!" There is not the faintest trace of the androgyny trend in this collection nor will there be in future ones.

Enjoy the Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter 2016/17 runway show at the end of this post!

LoL, Andrea

Ermanno Scervino

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of Ermanno Scervino
Photos by Yannis Vlamos/

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Karl Lagerfeld offered up a lightheartedly trenchant quote before the Fendi collection set foot on the runway: “Voltaire said, What needs an explanation is not worth explaining.” Teasing those who make intellectual pronouncements about fashion collections with the words of a philosopher is a typical Lagerfeldian flourish.

Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2016

The Ermanno Scervino Spring/Summer 2016 collection explores the suggestive effects of lace: matching and overlapping layers for a seductive and sensual touch. Tuxedo dustcoats in various materials: in multi-layered lace, doubled pashmina coupled with lace, raffia, lasered canvas or the new military-style organza. Jacquard prints in floral motifs with red accents on a macramè backround. Pastel nuances, impalpable muslins, "safari" style jumpsuits.

“It’s a passion play of opposites,” said an upbeat Ermanno Scervino backstage before rushing out to greet Italy’s First Lady, Agnese Landini, a friend and loyal client. The collection he presented today celebrated his signature hyper-feminine, Italian-diva style, though he tempered it with a contrasting dose of masculine and sporty elements. Fortunately for Scervino’s fans, this did not tarnish the glam factor; on the contrary, it polished the edges, giving the lineup a contemporary feel.

Craftsmanship took center stage with an elaborate display of materials, textures, and finishes. Lace was utilized in myriad ways—bonded with a double layer of delicate guipure, embroidered with macramé and jacquard feuillage, and fused with cashmere pashmina to sumptuous effect. The silhouettes were either elongated and slim or sensual and shapely; evening fabrics were worked into tailored day coats and pantsuits. Light organza gave shape to a classic tuxedo duster worn with cropped pants and flat embroidered babouches. In another clever conception, a sporty olive green jumpsuit was paired with a luxe mink jacket dyed a bright shade of bubblegum pink. Masculine shirts in crisp striped poplin were a chic counterpoint to tight duchesse satin pencil midi skirts, while shades of lipstick red served as an unexpected and striking contrast to a delicate periwinkle hue. The result was a lineup of edge and modernity, spicing up Scervino’s trademark sensual touch.

Enjoy the Ermanno Scervino S/S 2016 runway show at the end of this post!  

LoL, Andrea 

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: The House of Ermanno Scervino
Photos by Kim Weston Arnold/

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A ray of sunlight pierces the Parisian skies on a cloudy January 26th, and illuminates the dome of the Grand Palais. Like a reminder of spring in the middle of winter, it signals the start of Karl Lagerfeld’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 collection show. In an exaltingly bucolic set, a wooden house with closed shutters blends in with the vegetation. The door opens to reveal the first silhouettes. One by one, seeming to slow their pace to better take advantage of the moment, the models wander through this Eden.

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