Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Andrea's Instagram-story of 'Brasserie Gabrielle'

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure to expect the "Brasserie Gabrielle" collection at Grand Palais, Paris, in a fabulous decor inspired by a Parisian brasserie, set for the Fall/Winter 2015/16 Ready‑to‑Wear show. Within this first post, I'd like to present you my personal Instagram-story of this gorgeous setting - enjoy!

Coco Chanel often attended the Parisian brasseries with her artist friends. Following theatrical performances, Gabrielle surrounded by Igor Stravinsky, dancer and choreographer Serge Lifar, or Salvador Dalí, would take her place in these enlightened restaurants where elegance, great minds and gastronomy created a harmonious blend. And, on nights when Boy Capel (her first love) did not accompany her to the Opera, she would spend the evening at Maxim's or at the Café de Paris. With the "Brasserie Gabrielle" fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, has provided a reinterpretation of this Parisian passion.

Enjoy then 'Brasserie Gabrielle' by CHANEL Fall/Winter '15/16 runway show at the end of this post! LoL, Andrea

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories
Photos: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE @andreajankeofficial (Instagram)

More To Love ...  

There were swaggering Wall Street double-breasted coats, long and loose and cut from burgundy or green wool, thrown into the mix, too. Sometimes those coats cloaked the other story going on: Simons’s development of what he started with his brilliant haute couture show this past January. That might mean there would be more of the Veruschka-esque jacquard body suits underneath, now patterned with Simons’s idea of a futuristic, abstracted animal print.

DIOR via Instagram by @andreajankeofficial

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