Thursday, 26 February 2015

Roksanda Ilincic Fall/Winter 2015/16

Finding a balance between opposing forces is often the raison d’être of a fashion designer, and for Roksanda Ilincic that has often meant pairing fruity hues with voluminous, flat forms, inspired by one female artist after another. However, since opening her London boutique last June and dropping the Ilincic from her eponymous line, Roksanda has loosened up her template, one that ran the risk of stagnation until the textural melee of today’s fall 2015 outing turned any such thinking on its head.

This season, the overt polish and shine subsided, with dense carpet textures, lush fur, and a welcome rawness of finish clashing with the nipped-and-tucked propriety of her uptown silhouette. Slinky turtleneck knits were layered under long gilets, culottes, and pencil skirts that swung with the heavy drape of tweedy jacquards fraying at the seams, while fitted shift dresses, blazers, and coats in flecked felt came topped with lashings of bright-hued fox tucked into amulet belts.

Despite her switch in surface treatment, Ilincic’s exotic color sensibility returned in full force, with lipstick shades of candy pink and port wine striped through with cobalt and a vivid marigold orange each ducking and diving across fox-fur chubbys and wavy, strata-like wool jacquards. Geological, crystalline references were apparent in that bright and earthy mix; however, backstage, Ilincic was talking about the forest, and the rusty colors of autumnal foliage that she built up through those bolder accents towards opulent outerwear pieces like a chocolate sheepskin overcoat (another magenta version was striped with mink). She brought that woodland message home in the final looks, where smocks and a pencil skirt traced with windowpane checks positively rustled with hand-cut organza leaves.

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Photo Credit/Source: VOGUE
Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans (backstage) / Alessandro Garofalo (runway)

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