Monday 7 April 2014

Stéphane Rolland Spring 2014 Couture

The Stéphane Rolland's Haute Couture collection, for Spring/Summer 2014, is a real sunset. A warm color palette, from orange mango to yellow, mixed with tangerine, saffron and a touch of black and white. The models' silhouette is wrapped in garments that resemble sculptures without ever appearing rigid. See-through garments and precious fabrics are decorated with origami appliqués in plastic as thin as paper, with beaded embroideries or patchwork geometries with a shiny surface that envelope the body like an armor shell. The more stand-on waves and maxi ruches of fabric move in tandem with the body, enhance and transform it until almost turning women into ethereal creatures that sway like waves, like flames of fire or birds amid flight.

It’s hard to imagine how one can craft such delicate yet deliberate shapes out of such weightless, diaphanous fabric, but Stéphane Rolland did it. His sculptural shoulders, peplums and skirts were like petals scalloped and veined against the light. The only hardness was the addition of vinyl and varnished leather details, but they were hard in fabrication, not in mood.


Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: The House of Stéphane Rolland

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