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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet | The New Campaign

'Like a dress embroidered with a thousand tiny flowers, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet pays tribute to Christian Dior's legendary passion for flowers.'

A floral fragrance like a bouquet of a thousand blooms - "Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a smooth and carefully formed perfume, not a sensory assault, but rather a halo, like an aura.  It's a  "bubble " perfume, one possessing the extreme elegance of gentleness ," states François Demachy, the house's exclusive perfumer-creator. At the heart of this delicate fragrance lies the subtly sweet perfume of the peony, recreated here through a harmonious combination of rose and fruity notes.

Natalie Portman, wearing a Dior Haute Couture floral dress designed by Raf Simons, embodies the spirit of the new Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance. Thousands of flowers in the most delicate shades, an infinity of silky petals delicately blooming. The Miss Dior dress embody Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a reflection of the fragrance, feminine and springlike.

Discover Natalie Portman behind the scenes, at the heart of the House of Dior, 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris. Is it an armful of flowers or a silk embroidery, a spring bouquet or the finery of a fresh and winsome woman? The Miss Dior  haute couture dress designed by Raf Simons casts a certain element of doubt, and for good reason: with the natural sophistication of a flower in full bloom, it takes its inspiration from the Trompe l’œil  line designed by Christian Dior for spring-summer 1949.

A collection to which, in the couturier's own words, "all the colors of the meadows and the gardens bring their gaiety: the white of the lily-of-the-valley and the white hyacinth, the pink of peonies and roses, the violet of violets, of lilacs and clematis, the yellow of primrose and buttercup, the blue of  the cornflower, of forget-me-not and larkspur, the red of poppy and generanium, the green of growing grass and the warm gold of ripened wheat..."

Revisiting the legacy of the founding couturier, Raf Simons conceived a light spring dress with a contemporary allure. A dress with a nipped waist and a Corolle  skirt, on which can be found the colors of all the natural and fragile flowers so dear to Christian Dior. From the white tones on the bustier to the shades of lilac, peony and rose that decorate the ends of the skirt, the little silk petals that completely cover this extraordinary garment were sewn entirely by hand by the petites mains  in the Dior haute couture atelier. It is a pointillist work, a fresh and delicate impressionistic feat, and a reflection of the fragrance Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

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Photo Credit/Source: Miss Dior

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'When Raf Simons arrived at Christian Dior nearly two years ago, he had to personally meet every single member of the ateliers who painstakingly labor to create things of such lyrical beauty that oftentimes it barely looks like a human hand has ever touched them. Flash ahead to this week, and Simons used his exquisite spring 2014 couture to honor all that les petites mains do at Dior.'

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