Sunday, 2 February 2014

ARMANI Privé Spring 2014 Couture

Let’s put it out there: Cate Blanchett didn’t attend the Armani Privé show. Sighs, all around. But never mind. Cate is Mr. Armani’s best girl, and all who are rooting for her chances for glory for her performance in Blue Jasmine had a pin-sharp focus while viewing his spring 2014 couture collection. She has two more dresses to pick for the awards cycle. One for the London BAFTAs, and the other, obviously, for the Academy Awards.

Discover ARMANI Privé Spring 2014 HC show at the end of this post. LoL, Andrea

The fashion proceedings, which you see here, were centered on two of Giorgio Armani’s career-long themes: his interest in Asian cultures, filtered through his deep love of early black-and-white movies. Both influences were apparent in almost everything he showed. Pale gray and navy-tinted looks, starting with plissé pants paired with cropped jackets embroidered with abstract peacock-feather motifs gleaned, perhaps, from sari fabrics, moved into passages of paisley-patterned materials. Multiple interpretations of Indian shawls were thrown over shoulders. All the heads were tightly wrapped in scarves. Earrings again in that peacock motif sparkled. Still, as sure as night follows day, it was the evening section that snapped the audience to attention.

When he moves into that zone, Armani covers ground, showing option after option in the way of perfectly assured, picture-friendly event-dressing with all the sparkle a grown-up star needs to face the paparazzi onslaught, and all the simplicity she requires to traverse those interminably long red-carpet walks while keeping her dignity intact. So, to the runway-side speculation. What will Cate Blanchett wear for her next two big dates? At a guess, it’s a choice between look 31 (strapless, in navy lace), and look 47, 48, or 49. But see for yourself.

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Photo Credit/Source: VOGUE
Photography: Marcus Tondo / Indigitalimages

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