Thursday 16 May 2013

Dior's Summer Mix 2013 Mini Limited Edition

Summer 2013: Dior soaks up the "full sun" spirit with a collection of summery nail lacquers. The must-have for summer 2013, this bright and trendy blush puts the spotlight on cheeks. Vibrant and luminous colours at the heart of the Summer capsule collection ... 

so amazing! Love, Andrea

According to Dior, matching your blush to your nail polish is the latest trend this summer, with a new mini limited edition collection. Their four blush creams and corresponding polishes on offer can be worn in endless coordinated or mismatched combinations. With a hydrating creamy texture the blushes are easier to apply than finger paints, and the polish, available in the same bright tones, perfectly complements the color on your cheekbones. Together they create a duo that is bang on trend. Child's play.

Dior's Summer Mix Collection

Dior Polish €24,00 Capeline 658, Créoles 678, Sunnies 448, Tie & Dye 858, 
and Diorblush Cheek Creams €30,00 Bikini 871, Capri 851, Panama 651, Pareo 971
Available since June 17th 2013, get direct linked


 The Cheeks & Nails Summer Mix collection, a vibrant duo in the sunlight.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photo credits/Source: The House of DIOR

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