Tuesday 12 February 2013

Installations by BASIL SODA Spring 2013 Couture

February 5th - Invitation to a fashion fairytale installation which was held in Beyrouth by the Lebanese Couture designer Basil Soda in his Couture Fashion House in the very heart of Beirut. A building cut from a single block of sand-colored stone, its minimal façade and simple features invite you in, at once, to penetrate the secrets of couture.

Once inside, the store, basked in natural daylight, adorns a palette of grays. A play of mirrors diffracts all proportions projecting silhouettes, colorful dresses and architectural pieces outside their frames. A mise-en-abime where reflections ricochet, echo one another and duplicate space to infinity… Time stands still to allow each client a suspended moment with every dress.

During his near-perfect career, Basil Soda studies architecture, fashion design and hat making in Beirut before moving to the Arabian Peninsula – where he masters the art of embroidery – he then joins ELIE SAAB as foreman. Throughout the years and whatever the country, Basil Soda has always felt at liberty to create. His unique expertise at hand, he establishes, in 2000, his very own brand and Fashion House. From his new sanctuary, Basil Soda talks openly of his love of architecture, from which he has borrowed fine-cut lines, a unity of space and pure volumes. Architecture. A favorite subject and constant source of inspiration.

Watching over every single Haute Couture creation pieced together in his 800 m2 warehouse, Basil Soda creates each silhouette directly on the mannequin. Surrounded by his team, he converses daily with the matter, refines a cut, assists, confers… in a lair full of embroidery, shimmering crystals and colorful cutouts. Perfectionism as an art.

Some 300 models leave the workshop every year, not including those seen in Paris during the Couture fashion shows. In 2010, an accessory and a ready-to-wear collection was launched. A way for the Basil Soda Fashion House to introduce itself into a whole new world: that of the dynamic working woman. Somewhat elusive, she braves the day as she tackles the night. A ‘From Day to Night’ collection.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: The House of © BASIL SODA

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Everytime I think Basil Soda can't possibly get better he proves me wrong again.
What an ammmaazzinngggg collection!

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