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Oriental Suite by LA PERLA Lingerie

For all aficionados of finest lingerie, I'd like to bring you near this wonderful LA PERLA collection FW 2012. -  East and West Silk and lace. The grace of a geisha and the Italian sense of elegance. Auras from distant worlds meet in the most stylish eroticism. The elements that represent oriental sensuality become the leading characters of a story outlined over our body: obi belts, kimonos, lacquered screen patterns, fans. As for an art collection, the treasure lays in the pleasure of exploring every detail and in the disclosure of each element. Colours: black, china blue, pink camellias, yellow curry, red lacquer, gray.

Enjoy 'Oriental Suite - The movie of La Perla lingerie' during this post! LoL, Andrea

The fan is what inspired the Leavers lace and satin garments created with nude color strategic tulle inserts for a trompe-l’oeil effect. The sophisticated styling of the garments also incorporates other Eastern symbol wardrobe elements such as the obi belt that appears on the baby dolls. The Chantilly lace woven with a camellia pattern is the main character of a range of creations that play on a two-tone effect thanks to the use contrasting colour satin.

Stylized bamboo canes are embroidered on tulle with the harmonious elegance of floating world paintings. The "furoshiki", the Japanese art of wrapping objects in fabric, is the theme that dominates some of the garments where embroidered tulle is "wrapped" with a sheer layer of smooth tulle.

Some nightwear creations are characterized by fabric designs that have been stolen from silk kimono prints depicting large round flowers in striking colour variations. The long robe whose top is built as a ceremonial kimono is certainly worth noticing.


The name "leavers" derives from the loom used to create this lace. These ancient looms were originally manufactured in England in the 19th Century and afterwards introduced in Calais, France, where the highest production of precious laces still happens today. Because of the extremely complex and costly manufacturing process involved, leavers looms have no longer been produced since the early 1900s. La Perla is now preserving this extremely valuable heritage. Leavers looms are the only machines capable of working with a high number of threads, reproducing the intricate work of hand made lace. The lace created is distinguished by high definition design. The length, width and the thinness may vary depending on the machine used

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Photo Credit/Source: © LA PERLA 

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