Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dior Addict Fragrance Collection at the French Riviera


Take a moment to get to know Daphne Groeneveld, the new face of the fragrance - Dior Addict Fragrance Collection on the French Riviera - Welcome to Saint Tropez! 

Dior's visit of Saint Tropez, offering you an exclusive first look - make that four - at the upcoming Dior Addict campaign spot starring top model Daphne Groeneveld ... Enjoy Dior Addict Fragrance film (Director's cut) at the end of this post! LoL, Andrea

The Dior Addict campaign shows the transformation from girl to woman. At 17 years old, you’re quickly becoming one of the most influential models in the world. How does that feel? 

"I must say I’m very lucky to get to meet and work with all these kind, interesting and creative people! I try not to think about the rest. I want to give my best when I’m working. I’m just really happy at this moment."

What does Dior represent for you in terms of image and values?

"To me Dior is very luxurious and stands for independent, stylish and modern women!"

And Dior Addict?

"An independent, stylish woman who’s modern too – but with a bit of humor!"

What are your beauty addictions?

"The Dior lip balm and DiorShow Iconic mascara!"

Your best beauty tip?

"Try to sleep as much as possible – I think that’s the best trick."

How about your skin care routine: what is the secret of maintaining healthy, beautiful skin?

"Clean your face every night, always, not just if you were wearing make up that day – and use a day and night crème to keep your skin nice and soft."

Nail polish has become increasingly popular on the runway and in the street in the last couple of years. What’s your take on this new fashion accessory?

"I do like it for sure! I like to wear bright colors, especially in summer. I think it’s a great accessory because you can combine it with every style."


In your opinion, what is the sexiest thing about a woman? A man?

"In either case, I think it starts with the eyes..."

Have you picked up any tricks of the trade from makeup artists? 

"Yes! People often ask me that question, but I don't want to get in trouble for telling secrets (laughs)!" 

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Photo Credit/Source: The House of Dior

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