Tuesday 4 October 2011

From Mermaids to Florals - Givenchy & Nina Ricci

Spring Summer 2012 by Givenchy & Nina Ricci

Many collections were inspired by the Sea-shell theme, we just viewed today CHANEL Spring/Summer 2012 collection (a kind of UnderWater World). or in Milan a fabulous line by VERSACE Spring/Summer 2012 'MFW | Mermaids by Versace', and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, claiming surfers and mermaids as influence. All these collection were taking in contrast to others working in the deminine florals like Emanuel Ungaro, John Galliano, and as presented here - Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2012. Enjoy the Givenchy and Nina Ricci SS 2012 Fashion Shows during this post! LoL, Andrea

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012 collection - Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy / Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2012 - Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci - At Givenchy Riccardo Tisci is a designer who can command full attention for what, and incidentially, who he puts on a runway. And this  season, quit unexpectedly, he left off his darkly ornate panther-prints and black patent leather and dove under the sea for inspiration. The oversize shark-tooth pendants and use of eel skin and 'sea wolf' - a leopard-like printed fish -  (get more informations here by 'Luxury Handbags by ANDREA JANKE ' about sea wolf leopard-printed; in Italian 'Lupo macchiato') were the most overt pointers to this watery theme. In fact, the imagery in this show was only used in an allusive way. Call it sea change: The Approach was less about the cool, street-inspired T-shirts and sweatshirts for young insiders than casting the net wider to catch grown women who are in the market for tailored, quite dressy, looks and a subtle, optimistic use of color.

The designer claimed surfers and mermaids as influences, but we've never seen either species in sexy suits quite like these: jackets that were sharp and soft at the same time, with strong, confident shoulders, and, for contrast, suggestive, undulating lapels and come-hither peplums trimmed not in leather but eel skin, shark, or stingray. Speaking of exotic materials, the jackets themselves weren't exactly cut from workaday fabrics. Chiffon sequins and lasered leather cutouts recalled the most stunning creations in his July couture show.

Nina Ricci - Peter Copping named his Spring 2012 collection Zina after the artist Zina de Plagny, who collaborated with Nina Ricci in the 1930's, designing prints. Copping found out about her not in the house's archive but in a World of Interiors article about her daughter, who had just discovered a treasure trove of her mother's work. "I thought to myself that I should call her, but she called me", he explained. "It was fate". Zina's florals had a second life on Copping's runway tonight, cut into a sexy sheath with a scooped-out back, a printed top and matching high-waisted shorts, and most interestingly, a coat that was sandwiched between two layers of gray chiffon, quilted with silver thread.

But there was more at play here than pretty florals. Lingerie, a big Spring trend was a central element. It came in the form of bra-tops which Copping proposed as underpinnings for dressy stretch satin skirtsuits, or as delicate, lacy slipdresses, including one in navy and black that was particularly fetching. More surprising was that the designer described as his "Ricci biker lady" quilted leather jacket and coat. The rest of the collection was firmly situated on the dressed-up side of the spectrum like so many others in the season. Copping cited the golden age of couture as a starting point, and he accessorized with cage hats, sit was smart to add some daywear to the mix.

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Photography by Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway
Photo Credit/Source: VOGUE, Style

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Shagun said...

Givenchy is exotica..the flared, sexy front jackets trimmed to attract..Designs defy convention...esp,skirts & dresses..tres elegant. Nina Ricci is feminine,flirty, cheeky yet sophisticated. I esp love the floral printed dresses..Bandeau is the trend du jour & used here in style...softly enticing couture!!

Unknown said...

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