Sunday 7 December 2014

'Échappé' by ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK Couture 2015

The Métiers d'Art Mood: From the French Couture House CHANEL which presented recently on December 2 their 'Paris - Salzburg' Métiers d'Art 2015 collection in Salzburg (view my post 'CHANEL Paris - Salzburg via Instagram'), to one of the most famous German Métiers d'Art couturiers: Albrecht Ollendiek, he presents his exclusive couture collections taken place within an annually fashion show each November at SchlosshotelKronberg and co-hosted by Flora Princess of Hesse. The newest couture presentation 'échappé' was held on November 11, 2014, regarded as a social highlight in the Rhein-Main area. 

For Albrecht's 'échappé' Couture 2015 presentation, I'd like to present you some first insights which I took via Instagram (@andreajankeofficial) and a 'making-of' emotions of the new couture-teaser 'échappé' featuring model Eveline Hall (to be coming soon). 

'échappé' by ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK 2015 Couture

Model: Aminata (Germany's Next Top Model)

... But, before continuing, I'd like to present you some impressions out of
'Fare thee well my Highlands' ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK Couture 2014

ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK 'échappé' Spring 2015 Couture 
                                                               ...Setting of the scene ... 

entkommen ....
dem Winter,
dem Sturm,
der Kälte,
und der Beklemmung,
sich unentwegt neu erfinden zu müssen.

Wir sind entkommen,
heben unseren Kopf
und finden unseren eigenen Stil.

Nicht was wir tragen, sondern wie wir es tragen bleibt in Erinnerung." -   
Albrecht Ollendiek

'échappé' synonymous for 'escape' to a world of dreamlike fantasy where the drama and elegance of the season is heightened through these sophisticated creations. Awash with gossamer layers of romance, these exclusive styles and one-off gowns are a glorious ode to craftsmanship at its most refined. The result was a collection with an unusual balance of tradition and innovation. The message is timeless modernity, heritage and style.

 My 'must-have' for this winter season is that gorgeous black&white handpainted silver-layered silk trenchcoat with mink collar (€3.280,00), view my Instagram-teaser for this wonderful style!

Made-to-Mesure by ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK Couture

Eveline Hall and Albrecht Ollendiek

Backstage before the show ...

Setting before the show, for the 'making-of' to 'échappé' ...

Eveline Hall in 'échappé', 
view my short teaser via @andreajankeofficial

The Designer


Saalgasse 10
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main
by appointment
Fon +49 (0)69.91 39 92 31
Fon +49 (0)69.91 39 67 21
Fax +49 (0)69.91 39 67 22



Choreograph of ALBRECHT OLLENDIEK's couture shows

Ty-Rown Vincent,

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photos via Instagram: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

 Intro-Video: "Fare the well my Highlands"
Fashionshow,  Schlosshotel Kronberg.
Film by Peter Grosslaub MOODFILM.TV

Choreography & Production: FRONT ROW AGENCY / Ty-Rown Vincent

Photo Ty-Rown Vincent by Stefan Schott

Hair & MakeUp: Serdar Vural assisted by Agnieszka Petelak /

View hours ago, I had the great pleasure to be present at the CHANEL 'Paris - Salzburg' Métiers d'Art show at Schlosshotel Leopoldskron, Salzburg. Romantic Hotel, Historic Palace, Birthplace of the Salzburg Festival, Film Location for 'The Sound of Music'. Yesterday, the new film 'Reincarnation' was revealed which you'll relish here together with first views; my Instagram-story from the show today.

Cara Delevingne for CHANEL 'Paris - Salzburg' 
Instagram via @andreajankeofficial


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