Sunday 6 March 2011

Breathtaking - Galliano for Christian Dior

Just arriving at Milan yesterday for the MIFUR/MIPEL/MICAM-shows, I re-viewed the latest Paris Fashion Week collections, and indeed, one of the most interesting was Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2011/12. I selected for you my favourites, but more reviews willl follow the next view days ...

Musée Rodin - To see John Galliano's final collection for Christian Dior

Though it was a show stripped of all galliano's predilections for showmanship, widly exaggereted hair and makeup, and camp, insider references, there were beautiful things on the runway, Galliano' imprimatur was fully there in the theme: the English Romantic poet and all their spin-offs, in the way of early-nineteenth-century capes, coats, knickerbockers, and fragile dresses.

Christian Dior RTW Winter 2011/12
Paris Fashion Week

Photo Credit/Source:
Photography by Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway



Shagun said...

Galliano Opulence & drama is missing..Much more toned down & simpler designs...though I adore the fur trimmed jackets...& printed skinny pants are tres chic!!

Shagun said...

I amend my previous comment. It's very much Galliano couture, in flamboyant style & rich opulence. I love the fur...Fabulous Editorial, dear Andrea!!!...Regards, Shagun

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