Thursday 15 March 2012

Black is Back | VALENTINO Fall/Winter 2012/13

VALENTINO by Pier Paolo Piccioli & Maria Grazia Chiuri

It's becoming hard to keep count of how many shows have been opening this season with designers' black thoughts. Yes, black is back, but its possibilities are being recast in many differently textured ways, and hardly any of it looks goth, sharply minimalist, aggressively dominatrix-like, or omniously apocalyptic. And even when it involves leather as it does (quelle surprise!) at VALENTINO, there's the potential for something chic and young to come out of it. It's another step in the modernization of the label Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri are finessing; that fine balance between carrying a heritage and running with an instinct for where fashion is heading now.

Within this post, enjoy my pictures of VALENTINO Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Via Monte Napoleone, which I took 10 days ago in Milan & the VALENTINO Fall/Winter 2012/13 Fashion Show at the end of this post! LoL, Andrea 

MONTENAPOLEONE 20 - Opening Party

Still, black leather at VALENTINO? The cape, culottes, and white shirt, an all-leather jumpsuit, and a long, narrow black trench coat might have jolted anyone who's mentally consigned VALENTINO as the home of old-world fragile feminity, but you need to look closer to sense what the designers are really up to here. The delicacy is in the super-fine napa leather and in the seams, which are joined together not by any old sewing machine, but by means of silk-macramé handwork. The result? An idea that pushes VALENTINO's new fan base slightly out of her comfort zone, burt in a good way.

The overall concept for fall, according to the designers, was "folk, but in a modern, faceted way." A pitfall would have been an overload of hippie-traveler souvenir references, but they stepped clear of that  by trimming carpet-patterned maxi-coats into lean shapes, scattering gypsy rosebuds in a minimal way on a raised-waist pinafore, and by using smocking details merely to emphasize a shoulder in a creamy, long-sleeved dress.

The main point is that the Piccioli and Chiuri now have a true sense of direction. Between them, they've been looking for a more natural, less prescriptive kind of beauty, someone - not neccessarily an ingenue - who doesn't like to trotter into a room on skyscraper heels, coiffed, and done up to the eyeballs. There's still a gentle romance in what the designers do, and most certainly a breathtaking wow factor in the silvery embroideries on filigree lace for evening. But the VALENTINO woman is now one who can walk into a party on her medium-height, block-heeled "tango shoes" and feel perfectly possessed and at ease with herself.


VALENTINO Interior at Via Monte Napoleone

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: © VOGUE
Runway-Photography by © Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway

VALENTINO-windows at Via Monte Napoleone: 
Photography by © ANDREA JANKE

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la vie quotidienne said...

Super Klasse Sammlung von Valentino....Ich denke di BlumenKleis sind sehr schön.

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La Vie Quotidienne

Shagun said...

Superb Valentino romanticism. The colorful embroidery, the leather chic style & feminine elegance..I love it. My fave is red cutwork, knee length, pretty dress. Lovely pictures!!!...Cheers, Shagun

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