Wednesday 1 February 2012

Haute Couture | Bohemian Luxury by Stéphane Rolland

Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012

The House of Stéphane Rolland - Following 10 years at the helm of Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture, Stéphane Rolland launched his Couture House at 10 Avenue George V, Paris, with the first Couture show under his own name, on 2nd July 2007. Stéphane brought up in the South of France, Argentina, and the West Indies, but his destiny lay in Paris, where he studied fashion at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. At the age of 20, his talent was recognised by Balenciaga, who hired him to work on the menswear collections, and promoted him to Creative Director within a year. At 24, Stéphane Rolland left Balenciaga to design his own ready-to-wear colletion. Success came very soon and in its first year of existence, Stéphane Rolland was stocked in 80 boutiques and departmentstores world-wide. At the same time fixed by the passion for the cinema and the theatre, Stéphane simultaneously worked as a costume designer, 2006 and 2007 he was nominated for the prestigious Moliere awards, and became an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Enjoy the Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture 2012 Fashion Show and the direct link to Stéphane Rolland Couture at the end of this post! LoL, Andrea 

Later, Stéphane Rolland desired a new challenge: Haute Couture. It was in the house of Jean-Louis Scherrer that he would find his place. Aged 30, the Federation Francaise de la Couture and the Ministere de l'Economie et de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi admitted him in the very small circle of the tewelve Houses of "Haute Couture". - Stéphane was the youngest French Couturier on Avenue Montaigne. Today he has set himself the new task of opening of his own Couture House, with which he hopes to contribute something entirely new to an industry that has never stopped evolving since its conception in the Renaissance.

The House of Stéphane Rolland will represent a modern and original interpretation of Couture, all the while remaining tru the bohemian outlook and luxurious extravagance which define his nature. Today, a high-end ready-to-wear collection and a accessory branch are being developed. The launching is due April 2012.

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Photo Credit/Source: Stéphane Rolland & VOGUE 

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Shagun said...

A stunning symphony of uber elegant designs. My favorite is lovely, flowing sheer white gown which drapes in a sexy way. A brilliant, well defined reviw by you, dear Andrea. I love it!!!...Cheers, Shagun said...

The first dress was stunning with its smoke-effect design. A truly unique piece and taste.

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