Saturday, 6 July 2013

BALMAIN Resort 2014


Last year jumpsuits, this year overalls. That’s the way things are trending.The zoomingly popular progress of the all-in-one has reached Paris. In Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain resort, overalls are the fashion centerpiece, or at least, they’re the pieces that catch the eye first in a quick scan of his extensive lineup (and there’s even more in the showroom). That might seem a bizarre thing to say when there are heavily embroidered pastel-colored lace-and-flower ballerina dresses to compete with, but you know how it is. The restless fashion eye continually seeks out the incoming thing, and Balmain’s brief but superembellished dresses are already established as a house signature.

So let’s study the utilitywear. Rousteing has approached overalls from three angles. There’s one in denim, a second in houndstooth tweed, both with low waists and slouchy pants. A third, belted at the waist, is silk printed to look like denim and with something more like the draped top of a fifties cocktail dress than a mechanic’s bib.

Overalls for evening really? Well, anything is possible in fashion if it’s carried out with conviction and some sense of it fitting into a brand’s culture. Balmain’s background is young, glam, and bling: The overalls fit well on the body, but also extend the reach of the label into something more casual.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photos: Courtesy of BALMAIN

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"There was a whiff of the 80s Memphis-era palette too in the royal blues, hot pinks, and plum tones, in the layered chiffons that picked up the refracted colors in Bohemian crystal bead trim, and in the patterns based on the mottled covers of high school pupils’ traditional notebooks, worked in velvet flocked fabrics or in micro mosaics of Swarovski crystals."

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