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The N°5 CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition

From May 5th until June 5th, 2013 the Palais de Tokyo in Paris has housed the N°5 Culture Chanel exhibition as part of its Guest Program. This exhibition has once again been entrusted to Jean-Louis Froment, the curator of the previous editions of Culture Chanel, held successively in Moscow’s Pushkin State Museum for Fine Arts, in Beijing at the National Art Museum of China and more recently in the Opera House in Canton. Made up of subtle plays of correspondences, N°5 Culture Chanel cracks the N°5 code to reveal the links which connected it to specific moments in time and to the avant-garde movements it spanned.

Enjoy the whole N°5 Culture Chanel video coverage with the exhibition finale!  

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The works of art, photographs, archives and objects exhibited provide an account of the many inspirations which fed the imagination and world of Mademoiselle Chanel. They echo her inner thoughts and shed light on this unique and timeless perfume; whether through her favorite destinations like Venice, Russia or her villa, La Pausa or through the creations of her artist, poet and musician friends Cocteau, Picasso, Apollinaire, Stravinsky, Picabia. Focusing on the long lasting attachments between Chanel and the arts, N°5 Culture Chanel seeks to reveal the timeless and iconic artistic essence of the N°5 perfume. The N°5 Culture Chanel Exhibition has been put together by Jean-Louis Froment with the participation of Irma Boom, Piet Oudolf, Laurent Burgisser and Jérôme Schlomoff.

N°5 CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition 

Palais de Tokyo
13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris
Entrance: 2, rue de la Manutention
May 5th to June 5th 2013
Opening hours: 
from 12 noon to 12 midnight every day except Tuesday
Free admission

« A drop of CHANEL N°5 is much more than a drop of perfume ... »
Jean-Louis Froment, Curator of the N°5 CULTURE CHANEL exhibition

« N°5 is a perfume that travels afar. It crosses countries, gardens, books, poems and artistic movements, where it’s taken as a source for the modernity of its composition. It’s a perfume born of a love story, which its base note very subtly evokes at precisely the same instant time grasps it and carries it to us; so close and never fugitive, revealing even our most secret failings. Indefinable, the words that speak of it are abstract and the images which accompany it superposed on the thick layer of an artistic memory without time. The cultural effect which accompanies N°5 and the unique aura that encircles it, bring continuity to this perfume and enable it to span all periods with knowing assurance. And this journey has no end; it continues to merge and mix with an irreversible movement onward through time. Like a work of art which is renewed with each visitor’s gaze at every exhibition, N°5 recomposes its history with each encounter and time it traverses. Sustained by a set of references attached to the adventures of Modernity’s artistic forms and with Gabrielle Chanel’s very singular and romantic story as a backdrop, the N°5 perfume has gained the status of creation. » 
Jean-Louis Froment, Curator of the exhibition


The opening of the N°5 CULTURE CHANEL exhibition was a memorable event attended by many artists and celebrities. On May 3rd, 400 guests celebrated the opening of the N°5 CULTURE CHANEL exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Among them, CHANEL N°5 Ambassadresses Carole Bouquet, and Audrey Tautou, as well as CHANEL Ambassadors Vanessa Paradis and Gaspard Ulliel.

Sigrid Agren wore a short blue organza dress with sequin and 
beads embroideries from the S/S 2012 Haute-Couture Collection. 
She wore a pair of transparent and black pumps from the S/S Ready-to-Wear 
2013 Collection and a silver metallic clutch. She also wore CHANEL Fine Jewelry: 
"Fil de Camélia" earrings and "Camélia Brodé" bracelet, both in 18-karat 
white gold and diamonds, and the CHANEL "Première" watch in steel, chain 
bracelet and white mother-of-pearl dial

 Alma Jodorowsky wore a short black velvet dress with silver lame 
tweed on the sleeves and hem from the S/S 2013 Haute-Couture Collection

 Audrey Tautou wore an alter top blouse with ruffle and 
feather detail, satin silk black draped skirt and black jacket, from the 
S/S 2008 Haute-Couture Collection. She wore the CHANEL 
"Première" watch in steel, chain bracelet, diamond-set case 
and white mother-of pearl dial

Astrid Berges-Frisbey wore a white sleeveless cotton dress 
with sequins embroideries, from the S/S 2009 Haute-Couture Collection

 Estella Warren wore a short black strapless dress with black and transparent 
pumps both from the S/S Ready-to-Wear 2013 Collection. She wore CHANEL 
Fine Jewelry: "Géode" earrings, "Anneaux Célestes" necklace and 
"Frange Pampilles" bracelet, all in 18-karat white gold and diamonds

 Zhou Xun wore a short pleated flared dress in white lame chiffon from 
the S/S 2013 Haute-Couture Collection. She was carrying a 
lavender leather CHANEL clutch

 Carole Bouquet wore a long sequined dress with a floral pattern with a 
feather trim at the bottom, from the S/S2013 Haute-Couture Collection. 
She wore CHANEL Fine Jewelry: "Plume Enchantée" earrings 
in 18-karat white gold, diamonds and pink sapphire

 Anna Mouglalis wore a white silk top and skirt embroidered 
with white pearls and appliquée flowers, from the S/S 2009 
Haute-Couture Collection. She wore CHANEL Fine Jewelry: 
"Fontaine" bracelet and "Etoile Filante" earring, 
both in 18-karat white gold and diamonds

Yi Zhou wore a pink organza top and skirt with embroidered 
sequins and pearls, from the F/W 2012/13 Haute-Couture Collection. 
She wore gold python CHANEL heels and a burgundy resine bag

Audrey Tautou and Vanessa Paradis 
at the N°5 CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition 

The N°5 CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition 


Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photos: Courtesy of CHANEL
Photo credits: Olivier Borde / Thierry Depagne

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