Thursday, 30 May 2013

FENDI Cruise 2014 Collection

Walking into Fendi’s informal resort presentation, you realize how, at a certain level, practicality really doesn’t matter. A long, multicolored striped mink coat with short, hand-trimmed layers at the hem, where would one even wear such a thing? If you can afford it, does it really matter? Sometimes owning a piece as special and luxurious as this is enough. It wouldn’t be the first, or last, time desire trumped reason.

This exquisitely crafted coat was part of a group of looks inspired by the jungle, which means they featured a cacophony of textures, colors, and materials. Take the T-shirt and wrap skirt expertly patchworked in shards of ten different python skins. Or the mink baseball jacket with bands in different shades running vertically on the body and contrasting knit sleeves in python patterns. Or, for that matter, the T-shirtdress caked in sequins of varied hue, size, and texture, creating a wild, tangled mosaic of animal prints. Busy? Absolutely. But it’s impossible not to appreciate the work that went into these things.

Plus, look closely and there actually is a somewhat sporty sensibility lurking within the silhouettes: T-shirt, wrap skirt, baseball jacket, T-shirtdress. So although they may be handcrafted in the highest quality leather, skins, and furs, they feel quite in line with everyday life. Which only goes to show that sometimes the best fantasies incorporate a little reality.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photo credit/Source: FENDI

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'Graphically Coloured Mink by FENDI F/W 2013/14' 

"Minimalism and maximalism taken to extremes. Black and colors that sang with brightness. Severity and lashings of opulence. What something is, and what its exact opposite is, was the overriding theme at a powerful, punkish, and sometimes playful fall collection from Fendi, the fur house co-designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi."

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIOR | A Mix Of Sophistication And Modernity

Cocktail dresses and Bar suits parade beneath the gildings of the Opéra de Paris, captured by the lens of Willy Vanderperre. Discover the images from the ready-to-wear fall '13/14 collection of Rafs Simons.

It's a mix of sophistication and modernity, a story of daring and femininity. For the fall 2013 collection, Raf Simons continues his exploration of the codes of the house at 30 avenue Montaigne. By mixing materials together (with some drawn from the traditional masculine wardrobe), by playing with the layering of colors and motifs (houndstooth and Prince of Wales check, black and white, roses, and so on), the creative director is giving, with each successive season, a new identity to the Dior woman. This autumn, she's dressed in black, white and gray; but also in coral and red, the color beloved of Christian Dior. She wears a Bar jacket over her asymmetric cocktail dress or a dress in astrakhan in the color of passion.

Decked out with a cuff and necklace in oversized pearls, her Lady Dior bag on her arm, she strolls the hallways of the Opéra Garnier, admiring the gilded decoration of its salons, the marble of its statues. Under the eye of the artist Willy Vanderperre, known for his portraits in chiaroscuro and the ethereal and mysterious universe he evokes, the Dior woman is the heroine of a night time world, somewhere between dream and reality.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo credit/Source: The House of DIOR
Photography by Willy Vanderperre

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

VIONNET Party In Cannes

For the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, VIONNET opens its doors in a wonderful private resort. Discover the VIONNET Party in Cannes, Goga Ashkenazi, owner and creative director of VIONNET since last year, with her 1st Demi-Couture Spring/Summer 2013, and Fall/Winter 2013/14 collection during this post.  

Love, Andrea


VIONNET Fall/Winter 2013/14

For its first official fashion show on the Parisian calendar this spring, Vionnet presents a vision of modern femininity delineated in bold, confident brushstrokes. Madame Vionnet’s own obsession with Greek draping is a central tenant, revisited on actual clothing construction as well as celebrated in a new print featuring ancient columns and contemporary flash stripes. The brush with antiquity, however, is refracted in a totally modern lens that borrows from the pop art oeuvre of Roy Lichtenstein and puts the woman in center stage.

Heritage shapes are updated this season with a variety of deeply luxurious materials. Yellow kidassia fur and glossy black astrakhan are fused on an intricate coat or collaged together with printed duchesse satin on a short cocktail dress. Reverse sided metal mesh adds a new textural dimension, either on pools of liquid metal on a black or white gown, or on the shoulders of a fox vest or the racer back of a printed lynx vest.

Enjoy the fashion show video at the end of this post, and much more VIONNET To Love!

The House of Vionnet is one that has been resurrected from fashion past and it's found itself in difficulty trying to get to grips with the future. That's because it's a brand that meant something more then, where now houses and fashions themselves have changed so much and the world around them means something different. How do you tackle this? Last season, following the departure of Barbara and Lucia Croce, owner of the reprised label, Goga Ashkenzi, oversaw a design team, but hopped on board half way through. Now this was the output of her vision from the beginning.  

"I'm showing a slightly stronger image. My idea is that women should be walking more proudly. There was a time when there was a demureness and it's almost like they had to hide their strength. What I'm trying to do is something strong and still with a femininity," said Ashkenazi post-show.

And it was strong and defiant in shape, borrowing from the Eighties by way of Ancient Greece for high necks and gladiator belts. Draping was precise to create black folds on suiting from which beneath pealed out mint green. The gladiator-glamazon reference continued with gold - on trousers and there were yellows furs. It had more bite to it than previously but perhaps on occasion a little too much on the directional front. It's going to take a few more seasons, as it has done already, to work out where exactly this is going and how it will and should fit into the fashion landscape. But Ashkenazi comes armed with focus, which is ideal as that's what's needed when it comes to taming fashion ghosts.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessoriesa

Photo credits/Source: The House of VIONNET

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1st Demi Couture collection by VIONNET Spring/Summer 2013

"Gorgeous Goga" - Ms. Goga Ashkenazi published in the first Issue of Elle Luxe Italia, December 2012. "A glamorous, adventurous life. From being raised in Kazakhstan to acquiring and becoming creative director of Vionnet, one of the most prestigious fashion houses. For the first time Goga Ashkenazi opens the doors to her new home right in the heart of Milan."

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