Monday 19 September 2011

NYFW | Van Gogh's Sunflowers by Rodarte

New York Fashion Week - Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012 - Last season Kate and Laura Mulleavy were inspired by the sun-kissed Great American plains and the world evoked by the movie Days of Heaven. This season they are staying en plein air in the sunflower-filled Provencal fields of Vincent van Gogh's unbridled imagination.

There is more mid- and late-century couture influence in some of the gala shapes: swathed fichu necklines and bodices erupting into buoyant skirts, for instance, and even a Reine Margot bodice or two that seems plucked from the Christian Lacroix archive. But the fertile and poetic Mulleavy imagination grafts these touches onto modernistic effects. Mediterranean skies are lit by a full moon, and a brilliant Milky Way is evoked in gleaming metallic brocades, crystals nestling in the folds of knits, and clunky heeled sandals in reflective-mirror silver.

The Mulleavys seemed to have all bases covered, from the ethereal to the rock star, which will serve their fan base, represented at their show by an eclectic best-dressed celebrity front row that included Taylor Swift, the enchanting Fanning sisters (all in soft ivory lace and tulle layers), Rooney Mara in a black Goth ensemble, Saoirse Ronan in a printed peplum number, and Beyoncé Knowles in a tea-stain tulle puffball.

'Rodarte's Van Gogh Spring/Summer 2012'

Photo Credit/Source: VOGUE
Photography by Marcio Madeira/firstView
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