Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sophistications are required ...

A new venture is getting started -

A Kind of Uniqueness - Exclusive Fur-Chapka's -
fabulous, feathered fur-headpieces by ANDREA JANKE

And Now, I have the great pleasure to announce you the opening of ‘ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories - The Shop’ first presenting limited editions of fabulous ‘Fur-Chapkas’ by ANDREA JANKE’ - and this project will growing-up! We'll intend to include many more extraordinairy items during the Winter-season 2012.

People following my blog 'ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories' knowing my special 'Fur-Relations' working a.o. with Deutsches Pelz Institut for 8. IFTF-REMIX Award 2011 at Cavalli's VISIONNAIRE in Milano, or my own brand 'ANDREA JANKE' - The Luxury Handbag - handcrafted pieces in Alligator Mississippiensis, Lupo Macchiato, finest Calf-leathers refined with precious furs.

... Introducing colour in a very subtle way, never to strong, as a frame to the lightness of the fabrics, a pale atmosphere ..

Highly-elaborated, handcrafted Chapkas by ANDREA JANKE in a well-chosen palette of lilacs, naturals and color-blockings, silver shadow greys, electric & mindnight blues', and, and, ...  - Precious furs like Finn Raccoon, Silver-, Shadow & Bluefrost Foxes, Canadian & Russian Barguzinsky Sable a.o.

Midnight-Blue Bicoloured | From Versace to ANDREA JANKE

... New Obsessions for Winter 2012 

                    Fur-Chapkas' by ANDREA JANKE

Stylish handcrafted Fur-Headpieces by the German designer & fashion-blogger ANDREA JANKE - the new 'Must-Haves' in fabulous colour-compositions, such as Silver-Fox bicoloured in midnight-blue, colour-blockings, and soft naturals, pearls to grey shades.

Fur-Chapkas' by ANDREA JANKE - To Fall in Love!

The new collection of exclusive Fur-Chapkas in Aviator-Look by ANDREA JANKE made in Germany - finest nappa-leather with fantastical trimmings in precious furs, such as in Silver-, Shadow- and Bluefrost Fox, Finn Raccoon, Canadian and Russian Barguzinsky Sable amongst others, refined with soft quilted black inner-linings.

Key Essentials of Chapkas by ANDREA JANKE are
  • We only use high-standard quality furs bought direct from the Kopenhagen and Helsinki Fur Auctions which are OA-labeled (Origin Assured)
  • Our manufacturing is effectuated only by specialized furrier headpiece-maker
  • We use finest and very soft nappa-leather with quilted inner-linings
  • The Chapka-styles are created in natural colour-shades and in new colour blockings 

Styles & Photography by ANDREA JANKE 

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Shagun said...

Fur chapkas are ultimate winter style luxury. Best wishes. Regards, Shagun

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