Monday, 4 April 2011

Boudoir by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2011/12 -

If Spring made you think of velvety midnights over the Sahara, Fall made the transition from darkness to the rosiness of dawn. But the color of a new day also made Armani think pink in another way. He called his collection 'Boudoir'. There was alingerie slink to the satin dresses and pants that opened the show, and a group of embroidered, crystallized, and paillette-ed pink evening dresses. Armani playd his palette of powder and blush againstblack and metallic tones, so his boudoir had shadows.

ARMANI FW 2011/12
Milan Fashion Week

Source: VOGUE
Photography by Marcio Madeira/firstView

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Shagun said...

A rich, sophisticated couture. Fur coats looks soft, fashionable. My favorite is silvery, shimmering long fringe dress. A wonderful editorial, dear Andrea!!!...Regards, Shagun

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