Monday 22 November 2010

Yves Saint Laurent - To Be Chic!

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                            Yves Saint Laurent

Bringing YSL back to YSL, - Stefano Pilati said "It was very difficult: Do I really do Yves Saint Laurent this season, or do I not? ... So I decided that the clothes should play with the codes of the house, but be more accessible. I usual do a lot of embellishment, so this time I took it all off".

Stefano Pilati pared down the YSL-isms to their purest form, with the only decoration coming from scrolled gold cuffs and disc earrings, or a pair of gold, fin-heeled wedge sandals. The romantic seventies ruffles also turned up on two gorgeous chiffon dresses, one orange, one jade ...

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Yves Saint Laurent SS 2011
Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira/firstView; Kevin Tachman

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             Yves Saint Laurent - La Rétrospective  

"There are many great artists, but few are truly exceptional in the way that Yves Saint Laurent was. I had the enormous privilege of wearing his designs and the great honour of modeling for him. Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized fashion. He created and inspired, vivid universe that overturned conventions and conformity. With Yves Saint Laurent, art became fashion- - and fashion an art. Women's beauty, freedom, and strength were the sources of his vision of style and appeal, shaped by a demanding, passionate approach to his work. The name Yves Saint Laurent will be associated with haute couture forever, in France and abroad, because he was a creative mentor to everyone, everywhere. This magnificent retrospective in the wonderful setting in the Petit Palais is an elegant tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, revealing the heart and soul of his designs."

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

The Exhibition was made possible through the patronnage of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Source: Yves Saint-Laurent - La Rétrospective
Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris, Petit Palais 

Photography by Andrea Janke 

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Yves Saint Laurent bei


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Shagun said...

Sexy, beautiful & extremely feminine couture.A woman would feel cherished to wear sensual designs with French, chic edge. fabulous editorial, dear Andrea!!!...Regards, Shagun

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