Thursday, 15 July 2010

CHANEL Fall 2010 Haute Couture - Be fabulous!

Proud to present you details of one of my favourite Couture Fall 2010 Collections - CHANEL 

Red, rouge, rouge ... adorable rouge-nunancé combiné avec des accessoires magnifique - I personally adore this fabulous Chanel Couture Collection with this sophisticated detailing artwork and being pleased to present you some inspirations hereinafter ...

"Karl Lagerfeld has often insisted that this collection come to him in dreams, but following his new Chanel couture show, he claimed the dream this time had been a nightmare. No, no, just kidding," he quickly added, but there was a weight to the clothes that suggested a darker thread in Chanel this season."


"...The colors, for a start: maroon, loden, navy, brown, camel. Next, the fabrics. As the show unfolded, there were velvet trims on shadow plaids, crystal trims on camel, fur trims on tweed. Dark tapestry was crusted with embroidery and beading. Imperial gold detailing against a field of navy sequins made Freja Beha Erichson look like a girl waiting for her Ruritanian soldier. ..."

"... The ever-precise Lagerfeld is a textbook Virgo, but in honour of Chanel the Leo, he filled the Grand Palais with a vast and marvelous lion. Its paw rested on a huge globe - a Chanel pearl, perhaps - from which the models emerged. Befitting a collection that had the courage of its convictions, this was a fierce, awe-inspiring creature - one that could have sprung from a dream or even a nightmare."

Haute Couture's ornamental details pay homage to the beauty of porcelain and ceramic. The influence at CHANEL Haute Couture: In the final hours before the CHANEL show, calls over a dress so finely pailletted in mint green, black and pink, it gleams like the enameled surface of fine porcelaine...

CHANEL FW 2011/12 Couture

Paris, July 6, 2010, editorial citations of Tim Blanks 
Photos: By Gianni Pucci (details), Monica Fendi,

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

GIVENCHY - 'The Bone Collection' by Riccardo Tisci

Andrea Janke featuring 'the bone collection' by GIVENCHY

"The history of haute couture is studded with magnificent obsessives like Cristobal Balenciaga and Charles James. Even if Ricardo Tisci's name never makes it onto that list, his latest Couture collection for Givenchy proved that he shares the grandmaster's fanatical devotion to realizing an intensely personal vision through cut, cloth, and, in Tisci's case, extraordinarily elaborate ornamentation..."


"the bone collector

from riccardo tisci at givenchy, an obsessive couture collection inspired by the human skeleton ...

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