Tuesday 11 June 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2014

“What is Resort?” asked Diane von Furstenberg at her 2014 preview, “are you staying in town? Going to Aspen? Going to the beach?”

For an answer, von Furstenberg went back to the DNA of her brand, and thought about la petite valise, the little suitcase and all the uncrushable, unfussy pieces that could easily fit in there, “effortless, sexy, on the go,” to take you to all those destinations and more. “If you can’t put it in the suitcase it’s not right,” said von Furstenberg. “Everything has to be a great little friend.” Those timeless friends include crepe jumpsuits, rhinestone-crusted tees to slip under a pajama-piped unlined tuxedo jacket, and sexy little cocktail sheaths (at DVF’s very accessible price points).

There was everything from a sixties op art look à la Rudi Gernreich and Yves Saint Laurent to the eye-popping play of black-and-white stripes and prints, generally married to curve-flattering hourglass shapes. Even von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dress had been updated to that silhouette, the classic side-tie top in body-caressing jersey (“that feels like a ballet wrap”) married to a skirt in a stiff silk-blend that flared away from the body. This new style von Furstenberg calls it “my fortieth anniversary present to the company!” comes in all manner of mixes and prints (an orchid motif with the look of a seventies wallpaper design was especially effective), von Furstenberg herself is fondest of an example of the print that launched her career, a beige-and-charcoal python pattern that looks as great and “ready-to-go-anywhere” today as it did in 1974.

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Photo credit/Source: Diane von Furstenberg

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"For all the rococo romance associated with Italy and regularly reflected in many of the collections shown here, it’s easy to forget that, relatively speaking, Milan is an industrial-looking environment (made to feel even more so this week thanks to the persistent gray skies). So though it may have been unexpected to see one of the country’s most legendary design houses show a sleek, minimalist, and urban collection, as Salvatore Ferragamo did, it shouldn’t have been. And there are two reasons for this. One, as mentioned, Milan is a capital-C city with more skyscrapers on the horizon, literally and figuratively. And two, the label’s creative director, Massimiliano Giornetti, started with the company as a men’s designer. So sharp, unadorned tailoring is as much a part of his personal heritage as Puccini is. Discover Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2013/14"

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