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LA PERLA Black Label Collection

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Fall/Winter 2013/14 marks the re-launch of Black Label, La Perla’s “sexy couture” label initially established in 2003. The erotic side of art serves as an intriguing theme, evoking the relationship between early 1900s fashion and Surrealism.

Gossamer lace flaunting a feathers pattern caresses the skin. Small whimsical macramé bows bestow a sexy and playful touch to the totally transparent tulle garments. Criss-crossed laces, satin inserts and originally revisited bustier whalebones make these creations truly sensual architectures. The whalebones theme makes a come back though the macramé drops resting on breasts or hips that adorn some of the garments like imaginary jewels. Two cult colours: black and nude.

LA PERLA Lingerie To Fall In Love - As every year in the beginning of March, I'd spent 8 amazing days during the MIFUR International Fur And Leather Exhibition in Milan. In between all my special fur-business dates, I took my time to visit the city, and especially Via Monte Napoleone, where I photographed some wonderful 'window dressings'. Of course, I stopped by  LA PERLA Lingerie, Via Montenapoleone 1. Here some soft subtle impressions out of the collection 'Sicilian '800 style' and their fabulous windows' decoration ...

 My visit at the LA PERLA Showroom, Viale Majno 17, Milano ...

A wonderful Christmas gift: LINGERIE & DESIRE

La Perla's most beautiful photos are grouped together for the first time in a book - The lifetime project of a woman with skilful hands and a mind full of dreams lays behind this book. This is the history of the most precious lace ever made in this world. You will find chapters on the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s where pictures uncover fashion and taste’s evolution. And also powerful concepts such as Black, White, The Body, Eros tied with the images made for La Perla by great photographers. This is Lingerie & Desire, the first monograph devoted to the history of the brand over nearly 60 years.

Passionately exploring the female universe with the complicity of some of the great photographers that have interpreted La Perla’s style with their creative sensibility is this book’s underlying theme. These include household names such as: Nadir, Dominique Issermann, Marino Parisotto, Michelangelo Di Battista, Vincent Peters, Mary Rozzi. A tribute to women’s beauty and sensuality as well as to the stylistic DNA of a truly Italian brand that not only made lingerie fashionable but also above and beyond simple fashion. All this in 250 pages with a high rate of seduction.

Published by Rizzoli International, La Perla Lingerie & Desire is sold in leading bookstores, at La Perla boutiques around the world and on the website

A journey inside La Perla company to discover its unique blend of creativity, handmaking and Italian style ...

This video was filmed in the house's atelier and captures the highlights of the creation od a La Perla Maison garment, one of the cult collections of the brand. A traditional approach, careful attention to detail gives life to frastaglio, a centuries-old Florentine embellishment technique in which precious lace inserts are applied along the edges of the satin silk garment using a meticulous sewing process. The trimming of the overlapping fabric is done entirely by hand by the more experienced workers. The result is a shoot of lace that seems to climb up the reflections of silk. Each season the collection is enriched with new colour combinations with a mix of alluring vintage and modern sensuality.



LA PERLA showcase at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: The House of LA PERLA
LA PERLA, Via Montenapoleone & Viale Majno: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE

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