Saturday, 26 October 2013

Luxurious Sobriety by YULIA VITAL Spring/Summer 2014

During my ride  through Paris last month for Fashion Week, I discovered a wonderful 'Collection-Prémiere' - YULIA VITAL. The American designer, based in Los Angeles, presented for the 1st time ever her collection at Hotel Lotti, 7 Rue de Castiglione, in a splendide showroom apartment. Enjoy my  personal insights on this wonderfully shaped collection. LoL, Andrea


'The New Brave Feminity - In the center of the Yulia Vital vision is the ideology to design for the modern woman. She captures the elusive spirit of that powerful complexity at the very essence of the new woman of style. Using texture, form and sculptural techniques, every piece introduce new dimensions - a world of soft layers, color shades and depth. There is true architecture, created from lines, shape and structure. Inspired by the industrialized world, Yulia Vital seeks to embody the strength and sophistication of women today ...

... Inspired by the industrialized world, Yulia Vital secks to embody the strength and sophistications of women today. In the fast changing, ever evolving, digital overload known as the 21st century arises a new brave feminity; a strong female figure that strays away from the glamorous, over-the-top, in your face lifestyle of those struggling with the superficial manifestations of a culture in economic and political ruin. Instead she embarks on a spiritual journey, one of enligthenment, taking her to the distant and beautiful landscapes of Asia and Europe, looking for something more to believe in. Preferring the simplicity of luxurious sobriety she is in a perpetual state of wanderlust, a need and a desire for seclusion and contemplation, a voyage of self reflection ...


 ... Her road is a long one, her journey never really complete, the search for true beauty and perfection always a step ahead. Her uniform protects her from the elements and reflects her monastic and tranquil state of mind, a sub-dued, wrapped, and draped silhouette, a modest covering of the body, an abandonment of sensual pleasures, and a muted colorless palette reflect her inner aura. Caught bewtween her natural environment and the simplicity and structure of minimalist modern living, she is guiding heroine of the season..' - Yulia Vital

1222 North Olive Drive, Suite 104
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Fon 001 - 310 935 1527 / Fax 001 - 310 935 1587

Contact to Mr. Ezra Woods

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photos / Videos: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

'For Fall/Winter 2013/14 the stylistic duo Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco presented a decisively noir mood. The cinematographic world of mystery, spying, and secrets has given life to a heroine dressed in dark shades, sado-chic suits in leather, overcoats trimmed in fur, transparent-like webbing, and the infallible trench. The evening is also charged with dark seduction through long, tapered dresses that show off shoulders and cleavage or with attire that is entirely embroidered.'

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