Tuesday 4 December 2012

The Tradition of Métiers d'Art by CHANEL

CHANEL 'Paris-Édimbourg' Métiers d'Art Show which will be held today at 6pm at Linlithgow Palace. - The invitation is a bright watercolour portrayal of the prestigious Linlithgow Palace, not far from Edinburgh, former residence of the Stuart family and place of birth of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Everything – or almost – is ready for the first Scottish fashion show by maison Chanel that has chosen to hold this year's Métiers d'Art in this evocative location.

The fashion show celebrates the very high-level know-how of the craftsmen that work for Chanel: the Métiers d'Art collection pays homage to the bijou's studio Desrues, to the feathers' studio Lemarié, to the Maison Lesage for the embroideries, to the shoes craftsman Massaro, to the Maison Michel for the hats, to the goldsmith Goossens, to the flower producer Guillet, to the crochet embroideries by Montex and to the gloves by Causse.

Twelve tents have been fitted in the surroundings of the castle; however, the exact venue of the show – which, we are sure, will not fail to amaze the audience – is yet to be revealed: it could take place in one of the especially decorated inner courtyards of the Linlithgow Palace.

After Byzance and Bombay, Chanel has chosen Scotland: "I was inspired by the rich heritage of Chanel in Scotland, and the craftsmanship of Scottish tweed and cashmere, that are an integral and iconic part of Chanel’s collections", said Karl Lagerfeld. The house of fashion is connected with Scotland since a long time ago: in 2012 it also bought Barrie Knitwear, an Hawick-based company that has kept creating cashmere knitwear items for 25 years for the house of fashion founded by Gabrielle Chanel.

For this occasion I'd like to present you a little selection of my posts of ancient Métiers d'Art collections by CHANEL, just follow the linkage, and you'll see all those precious presentations, locations and backstage emotions. Love, Andrea

CHANEL 'Paris-Bombay' Métiers d'Art 2011/12 Show at Grand Palais, Paris

... Lagerfeld’s sources of inspiration for 'Paris-Bombay' were no slouches in the extravagance stakes; India’s Maharajas lived, and embroidered and jeweled and adorned themselves like gods, so, scattered throughout the collection like rubies and emeralds across the floors of the Mysore Palace were appropriately rich flourishes like multiple strands of pearls placed over the hips of a bouclé suit, a liquid-gold lamé dress with sari-like draping, and a monumental necklace of chains and pearls, and a recurring look here a lavish Nehru collared coat or pointed hem dress, say, worn over leggings or boots that resembled leggings, so long they stretched all the way to the top of the thighs.

Métiers d'Art by CHANEL | From Paris, Byzance to Saint-Tropez

CHANEL's 'Paris-Byzance' - The venue is a white marble terrace at the Ciragan Palace, a former residence of a sultan. It offers a place to admire the Bosphorus, lulled by the regular sound of the waves. The Bosphorus is everywhere: a part of the city and a stimulating yet soothing presence. At nightfall, it is time to go inside the palace where the show's backstage area has been set up, Beneath Murano-glass chandeliers - no doubt reminders of the sultan's lavish lifestyle - the girls are being prepared with chignons worn very high on the head and eyes rimmed in black and red eyeliner. Models are standing in the wing dresses in tweed chasubles with hints of gold, velvet harem pants or draped chiffon dresses, all of Byzantine inspirations.

Be curious, and take a view at this wonderful post!

 CHANEL 'Paris-Byzance' Métiers d'Art 2010/11 Collection 

... Lagerfeld had transformed the second-floor couture salon at the brand's iconic Rue Cambon store into a sort of Ottmanesque chill-out room, with low stained glass tables and two rows of patterned square pillows.

The look at the salons walls, entirely embroidered or the occasion in tiny bronze sequins. The season's theme, 'Paris-Byzance' was inspired by the Empress Theodora and the lost culture of Byzantium. ... Mostly, however, the reference came via Coco's Byzantine-inspired Gripoix jewelty, which is instantly recognizable today.

'CHANEL 'Paris-Byzance' Métiers d'Art 2010/11 Collection'

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Photo Credit/Source: Courtesy of  © CHANEL
Photography by ©  Delphine Achard, © Benôit Peverelli, © Olivia da Costa for CHANEL

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