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Salvatore Ferragamo FW 2012/13 | Behind The Scenes

Peasant skirts and chantilly lace embodied the fairy tale painted by Ferragamo Creative Director, Massimiliano Giornetti on the Fall/Winter 2012 runway in Milan. In a crescendo of paisley patterns, embroidery and golden glints, fluidly soft chiffon dresses recreate the decorative flavor of a tsarina’s wardrobe. 

Backstage at the Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2012 runway show, models exuded the enchanted mythos of the collection designed by Creative Director, Massimiliano Giornetti. With gilded gossamer gowns, mesmerizing zodiac jewelry, and hand embroidered velvet bags rich with the innovative craftsmanship of Ferragamo's legacy, the Fall/Winter collection has already become a front row favorite for the jet setting fashionista.

Giornetti explored “the idea of craftsmanship,” exemplified by the house since Salvatore himself began creating exquisite footwear in the 1920s, in the lavish, scrolling wool embroideries, subtly traced in tone-on-tone on an ebony velvet topcoat or riding boot, and in the thick frogging details embellishing roll-neck sweaters. Pencil skirts and shapely tops were seemingly composed of horizontal bands of vari-textured ribbons, and some of those airy Gitane skirts had insertions of delicate, pale-gold lace at the hem, or sprinklings of fine bead embroidery picking out the boteh motifs. The charm was in the details; in the exquisite nineteenth-century-looking jewelry including cameo necklaces, and pendants attached to velvet ribbon chokers; the lattice-laced sandals tied with dainty tassels; and the evening minaudière shaped and embellished like a Fabergé egg.

View last additions to the Salvatore Ferragamo Autumn/Winter 2012/13 
Advertising Campaign shot by Mikael Jansson

The location is intriguing and mysterious: the Russian Embassy in Berlin, with its regal atmosphere and the precious, refined rooms. There, Salvatore Ferragamo stages the two souls of the idea of woman he has created for the FW 2012/13 season: rigorous and sensual, accompanied by a sophisticated and cosmopolitan man.

The campaign evokes an intense role play: on the one hand we have the femininity of Kate Moss, a contemporary Tzarina slumped on a dormeuse and almost wrapped by tapestries and arrases, on the other we have a cryptic beauty, Karmen Pedaru, and then the magnetic charm of Sean O'Pry

This August Salvatore Ferragamo launched their Fall/Winter 2012 Women’s Runway online trunk show. Style your own Ferragamo fantasy:

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Photo Credits/Source: The House of © Salvatore Ferragamo 


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Fur by ... Roberto Cavalli FW 2012/13

A New Site Is Born ... Fur by ANDREA JANKE

Fur by ANDREA JANKE (Instagram by @andreajankeofficial)


Fur by ANDREA JANKE (Instagram by @andreajankeofficial)

Fur by ANDREA JANKE (Instagram by @andreajankeofficial)

Before his show, Roberto Cavalli paraded around the catwalk with Lupo, his German shepherd. It was an outlandish image, but not as outlandish as the tiger pattern on the catwalk (which was composed of 40,000 flowers). And not nearly as outlandish as the clothes that subsequently made their way through the flowers. In its more-is-never-enough excess, this was the most impeccably styled, luxurious collection Cavalli has ever shown. But it also mastered the power of illusion to achieve a de trop, Fellini-esque grandeur. So when Naomi Campbell sailed down the catwalk barely harnessed into a waterfall of purple sequins, it seemed like the only appropriate full stop to a show that had turned nature on its head, painting python with big cat motifs, printing mink with python, turning glossy ponyskin into scaly croc, creating, in other words, an extraordinary new menagerie, one worthy of Nero himself.

The artisanship was such that the clothes needed to be seen close up, and better still, felt. The bubble skirts that opened the show, for example, were made up of fur that was pieced together like feathers. They were shown with T-shirts so densely beaded they could have been a new kind of reptile skin. By the time the skirts reached the floor, they were mink lasered to look like croc, or python painted in tiger stripes. There were a couple of other major silhouettes. The first consisted of extremely feminine tiers of mousseline. (One dress seemed to re-create a crocodile skin in glitteringly glazed scales, but who would be crazy enough to dare such an eyeball-straining piece of embroidery? Need we ask?) The second was a rock 'n' roll dandy-tailored suit, with peaked shoulders and long, flared legs. Every outfit was a book, or at least a movie.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Instagrams by © ANDREA JANKE @andreajankeofficial
Fur by ANDREA JANKE of Roberto Cavalli FW 2012/13
Fashion Film © Trevor Undi

Runway Photos: Credits by © VOGUE
Photography by © Marcio Madeira/firstView  

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