Monday, 29 April 2013

'My Milano Diary': LA PERLA Lingerie Via Monte Napoleone

LA PERLA Lingerie To Fall In Love - As always in the beginning of March, I've spent 8 amazing days during the MIFUR International Fur And Leather Exhibition in Milan. In between all my special fur-business dates, I took my time to visit the city, and especially Via Monte Napoleone, where I photographed some wonderful 'window dressings' which I entitled 'My Milano Diary': 'Transparent Elegance by VALENTINO', 'GIORGIO ARMANI Via Monte Napoleone'.

Naturally, I stopped by  LA PERLA Lingerie, Via Monte Napoleone 1. Here some soft subtle impressions out of the collection 'Sicilian '800 style' for S/S 2013 and their fabulous windows decoration ...

... having some appointments near Porta Venezia, where the LA PERLA showroom is located too (Viale Majno 17), I decided to pass through, and perhaps getting a view and the possibilities to shot some personal pictures out of the newest Spanish inspired 'Duende' collection for F/W '13/14, ...

 ... discovering this very discreet doorbell, as shown above, and ringed. After a while they opened, and I passed through this amazing mosaic pavements into a fabulous lingerie showroom. But, much to my disappointment I was not at liberty for to take some personal images with my camera for presenting you here! So, only a little pre-description and just on image ...

'Duende' by LA PERLA Lingerie F/W 2013/14

TheDuende, the Spanish land’s spirit, fires up the collection by conveying the Spanish soul’s rhythm where traditional and contemporary facets, art, and bullfighting combine. The essence of a style that knows how to "play with fire" while preserving its elegance.

Some strong themes transpire throughout the lace, tulle, and silk creations: the dramatic glamour of the "traje de luz", the jacket worn by legendary bullfighters, the sensuality of the “mantilla”, the lace shawls worn by Spanish women to cover their shoulders, the Goya’s precious color palette.

Leavers lace, a short discription here: The name "leavers" derives from the loom used to create this lace. These ancient looms were originally manufactured in England in the 19th Century and afterwards introduced in Calais, France, where the highest production of precious laces still happens today ('The Oriental Suite by LA PERLA') - featured in the FW '13 collection the elegance of Andalusian décor and a combination with macramé to create languid roses lying in seductive spots. Richly embroidered tulle resembling Moorish filigree cuts into the transparent textures. Colours: black is the undisputed hero, followed by ruby red, emerald green and rose quartz.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories 

Photos 'Via Monte Napoleone' & Collage: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE
Image 'Duende' collection: Courtesy of LA PERLA Lingerie

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