Thursday, 14 March 2013

'My Milano Diary': GIORGIO ARMANI, Via Monte Napoleone

During my stay last week at the MIFUR International Fur And Leather Exhibition in Milano, of course I visited the famous Via Monte Napoleone, and I'd loved to present you within this 1st 'My Milano Diary'-post one of my favourite Italian designers - Giorgio Armani - with the introduce of these impressions of GIORGIO ARMANI windows, pictures which I took at Via Monte Napoleone 2, Milano.

“The world of Armani is multifaceted.” That’s an especially accurate statement this season, though not necessarily in the way it’s intended. Referring to the varied surfaces and prisms through which Armani focused his vision for spring a discourse on the reflection of light

For spring Armani explored an illuminated, aquatic theme. The motif manifested as glints of white shimmering against a black chiffon dress like moonlight on the waves and floaty chiffon frocks streaked in all shades of watery blue. There was a perceptible fluidity running throughout, as round shapes curved coats, voluminous tops were rendered in satin and silk.

Armani also touched on several emerging trends. He layered short, smooth jackets over long satin tunics over soft, ankle-length pants. He showed sleeveless dresses belted at the waist worn over lightweight pants for evening. And he paired long, straight, embellished skirts with flats, which is proving to be a major theme for spring. The accessories, too, were simple but strong. In addition to the men’s-inspired oxford he has preferred in the last few seasons, he showed an unobtrusive, strappy stiletto; a chic, single-sole flat sandal; and a structured, doctor-style bag in dark blues and various sizes.

But back to the dress over pants idea. Many designers have proposed it, and whether women will in fact adopt that combination for evening remains to be seen. What’s significant is that, together or pulled apart, Armani presented a fine selection of eminently wearable pieces for night. This even goes for the last look: satin pants with a fitted blazer in a galaxy print. Real women will leave it at that.

And, not to miss ARMANI / Via Manzoni 31, Milano, with its exclusive ARMANI departmentstore & ARMANI Hotel Milano

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Photos: Courtesy of ANDREA JANKE

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