Wednesday 19 December 2012

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013


What is the meaning of a season anyway? Carolina Herrera received her Christmas gift from her husband in July this year and none of the merriment or ceremony was sacrificed. In fact, she derived such joy from the custom Verdura compact that Reinaldo had commissioned for her a diamond crescent moon and stars against blue enamel on one side, a vibrant yellow sun in a turquoise sky on the other, lyrics from her favorite song “Night and Day” engraved inside that it inspired her entire pre-fall collection, a streak of stunning and signature Herrera shapes in prints ranging from constellations to tarot cards.

That someone so chic and understated can make whimsy so appealing is really one of Herrera’s gifts. It also gives each season its own identity and allows women to connect with the clothes on an additional level. Of course, not everyone is as interested in the zodiac as the admittedly superstitious Herrera (who is a Capricorn—“We persevere,” she says) but that’s the charm of her prints. She makes them just abstract enough so as to work for even those with the most subdued style. For instance, manipulated spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs are scattered across crisp shirtdresses and an off-the-shoulder chiffon evening look, ideal for a summer wedding. The swirling grosgrain embroidery on a navy cocktail dress with thick ribbon straps could be seen as the Milky Way or simply an artistic wave, depending on your perspective.

The florals (grounding the collection in every sense) were bolder especially the cabbage rose jacquard on a structured strapless dress with a folded, voluminous skirt and a glorious bouquet embroidered on the bag of a lean, navy column. One of the strongest looks, however, was an indigo day dress with a chiffon overlay striated to look like denim. In a word, it was heavenly.

Selections by ANDREA JANKE Finest Accessories

Credit/Source: © VOGUE
Photography: Courtesy of © Carolina Herrera

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