Tuesday 5 July 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012

In between Parisian Haute Couture news I feel the desire to post this fabulous collection - Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012 ...

"Financial strategies aside, this is a season that really is all about the clothes, and ergo, the bottom line. "A beautiful, relaxed idea of movie-star elegance," Giornetti said backstage, clad in a natty navy double-breasted jacket that looked like an extremely sober (and Milanese) notion of blazer.

Elsewhere, Giornetti concentrated on a somewhat easier idea of elegance, with fluid silk flared pants, or sporty evening dresses that were cut away at the shoulders, turned narrow at the waist, then billowed like a sail all the way to terra firma. Just be sort of look Charlene Wittstock could wear at night just married Prince Albert de Monaco and is in need of something to take the helm of the principality. Let's face it: She has the body for these dresses, and in all likelihood, the boat, too.

"I wanted to take the idea of nautical, which is such a typical theme resort, and glamorize it", says Giornetti. Well, that he did. Giornetti gilded everything from marine-striped sweaters to the frond-like fringing that swished on jackets and dresses which, on the runway, undulated aplently - imagine how they'd move if the yacht hit rough Waters."

Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012

Source: VOGUE
Photography: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo

Editorial by ANDREA JANKE for

'When The Shoe Fits - Salvatore Ferragamo'


Shagun said...

Tres sophisticated. The sleek gowns are elegant, feminine couture.I would love to wear navy blue, silk palazzo trousers with shimmery halter top. Lovely editorial, Andrea, with pretty pictures.

Anonymous said...

ray banは今年またブームになっているそうです。電車やバスを乗るとき、レイバン wayfarerをかける乗客はなんども見かけました。そして、バスのドライバが

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