Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"The irrational, inexplicable Desire" for LV

LOUIS VUITTON Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection by Marc Jacobs

Breakfast time in the real world, but there we were, being greeted by lines of uniformed maids poffering trays of vodka shots, champagne, and espresso in black-marbled faux hotel foyer, with an ornate grilled elevator at its center, at some indetermine hour of darkness. ...

But where - dare we ask? - had the idea for the night-porter peaked caps, rubber boots, and stocking-tops, which were sequenced among tailoring and prim white-collared dresses, sruck him? Mayfair, it turned out. "I stay at Claridge's in London," Jacobs said backstage after a show whose kinkiness formed a continuum with the hobble-skirted strictness of his own collection, "I love it when I see all these exquisite creatures - socialites; maids; people you don't know if they're hookers or not - stepping out of the lift all hours of the day and night". As it happens, one of them might easily have been Kate Moss.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011/12 by Marc Jacobs 

Source: VOGUE
Photography by Monica Feudi

Enjoy my Paris Fashion Week post -

'New Look "Bar" by LOUIS VUITTON' 
Spring/Summer Collection 2012

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Shagun said...

The creative aspect of the designs lies in the silhouette, which is structured yet unique. Leather is my fave poison. I adore the leather, pattern skirts, jackets. They are formal with an edge.Deep colors are so mysterious & sexy. Transparent skirts are so in-vogue. Love em

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